First night complete
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2018-10-02 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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First night complete

The drive from the rental place to the grocery store was slow, nerve wracking and weird. I felt like I was doing something wrong and I honestly wasnt sure what to think about it. But somehow I safely made it from the rental place to the grocery store. From there I managed to find a place and safely park in a parking space. Then I went inside and did my shopping for the week.

Once I had gotten everything from the store I can tell you that I had quite a time driving. Let me just say that the first couple of hours were filled with lots of mistakes and I was lucky enough to be able to have time correct myself. The nice thing about the campe rvan is that they also decided to put a sticker that says "keep left" to constantly remind you to...well...keep left. There were times when I was sure I was gonna die or cause an accident but people here are very paitent and honestly quite nice. I made mistakes but people have me plenty of room to fix the mistake. 

Once I was outside of Christchurch I was on the highway and let me tell you guys, it is so nice to drive around new Zealand .there's no trash on the side of road, the signs are simple to understand, and the entire time your driving you have mountains and greenery everywhere. It also seems that people really like hedges here and keep everything very trimmed and clean. 

Along the way I decided on a campground that was an hour away from Christchurch. To be honest I was exhausted, jet lagged and very nervous. I wanted to get somewhere and just crash for the night .Not only that but I wanted to figure out this camper van that I was calling home for the next two weeks .

So I pulled into this campground off the highway and made my way to the check in. The other thing I noticed is that all the campgrounds have a time when they close and they don't except any late arrivals. That was quite the shock and I can say that I was not expecting that to be a thing but, it is in new Zealand. 

The guy at the desk was kind enough to give me a discount since I was by myself and let me choose whatever campsite I wanted. So I made the way around the camp and chose a spot. After I parked I then had a fun time figuring out how to turn everything on. I've never used a camper before do this was a first attempt at this lifestyle. Once I figured out all the details I made myself a meal, cleaned up and figured out how to set up the bed. 

The nice thing about mighty campers is that's they give you linens. The make sure you have everything from towels to bed sheets. 

I can say that my first night in the camper was wonderful .It was a nice 60 degrees and once I woke up I can tell you I felt like I was in a dream but a well rested dream .its weird being in another country but I can tell you it is so worth every penny .

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