Check off that list
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2018-10-15 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Check off that list

So. I am now home. It's super sad for me but I know that it was a necessary thing I needed to do. I need to go back to work, I need to be near the bf (truth is he's been freaking out since I left but it's all good), and I have some business to attend to at the homestead. Of course that doesn't mean the adventure is over. I'm going to be doing extensive research over the next few weeks to see what I can do about traveling and making money. 

But while I am doing that I do ask you guys to take a look at my art stuff. I'm going to be making some changes and investing in some much needed equipment. I have a list that I would like to start checking off and to do that I would appreciate any artwork that is purchased. Of course all prices are now back to normal and there isnt going to be a sale for a bit. 

I do appreciate anyone who does decide to purchase a piece and would appreciate you guys checking out my stuff. 


If you are interested in this piece please email me at so that I can get it to you quickly and efficiently. 

All other pieces are here

Thank you guys again and I hope someone who help me out and clear another space in my art gallery. Love ya guys. 

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