Over it
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2020-05-06 12:27 by Sarah Denninger
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Over it

I've never lived in an apartment before now and its a struggle for me. I think it's because COVID is in place and there isn't anything to do so, of course, this small space is starting to make me slightly claustrophobic. Luckily in Florida, they reopened the beaches so we have been going there quite often to get out our pent up energy and of course, to drink. All of our friends in this area are aware of the virus but in all honesty, most of us are over it and are waiting to go back to our normal-ish lives. My gym is even ready to open back up now that we have finished painting, cleaning, organizing, and so on. We even had a staff party and got to climb the routes we set up in the gym. 

It's been nice to have this lull in life but it also is starting to make me antsy and I'm ready. I want to go back to work and I want to be able to see people, interact with them, and enjoy the life I so dearly love. I'm planning to still try to travel in August so for me, it's a whole game to be just waiting around for something to happen and for me to get the green light. 

We all thought 2020 would be full of fun adventures and explorations. Sadly the world has decided to do some stupid things and make us all stand still for a while. Im already over it. 

How are you guys doing during this lockdown? Are you staying sane? Long walks? Camping? 


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