Forever since ive posted
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2021-04-30 10:22 by Sarah Denninger
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Forever since ive posted

 Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I Have written anything. I am so sorry it's been so long. Life has been absolutely insane lately. I've been pretty much working every single day, then going out and climbing on small trips, working with lylah, and working on the van. I have been Just totally into this craziness. But guess what. I'm at my dad's place taking a much-needed break. I'm finally taking a big breath and just stepping back from my work life to really enjoy some time off. It's five days of being in this beautiful state, hanging out with my dad, and just enjoying this wonderful location. While I am here I am going to finally give you that second part of the van conversion I promised. I have time to sit and edit and post and there is a lot to go through and put up on my page. The van's first stages re-complete and it's exciting to show you guys the process. 

So here is the first part of the video series 

This weekend the second one will drop. So keep that eye out. And once again im so sorry its been so long. Its time I got back on top of this blog. 




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