Yellowstone in the future, Gimli behind us
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2021-06-24 18:51 by Sarah Denninger
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Yellowstone in the future, Gimli behind us

A few days passed and my father and i corresponded on our plans. We decided that he would bring his truck and pick Lylah and I up and we would go to Yellowstone together. After all I wasn't going to bail on a race I had trained for and also miss out on going west. After all I had ripped my father into the race and I had made him excited to see the western world. After all he hasn't been out there to Yellowstone before and I wanted to share the experience with him and share my knowledge and love for our world with him. 

So as the days went by I got to enjoy being surrounded by cool people and work in my own space while waiting for my rescue....well my second rescue on this trip. 

With my father's arrival meany that the chapter with my old cruise buddy was ending. As we got to chatting i got to know that she was a traveler herself and I got some advice on places like Thailand, Egypt, Japan and China. All places that I have considered and all places she had been to. Sharing knowledge and gaining knowledge from well traveled people is always something I love doing and with her inside thoughts and ideas I got to add some new hikes to my list and know how expensive those places are. 

With a sad heart I sad goodbye to my old friend and thanked her once again for being my rescuer. She once again told me it would as all good and what comes around goes around. In a way she's correct and i felt good knowing she was doing well. After all it had been ten plus years since i last saw her. 

Waving goodbye to my well traveled friend we loaded ourselves in the truck and took off to go back to my van. We had to make a pit stop to make some switches in belongings and just make sure everything was secure in the van. Right off the bat trouble came. 

On our way to the van the suburban decided to be weird. While driving it started to loose speed and quit. My dad pulled over and took a second to let the truck sit and then restarted it. It came back on without a problem. Good lord I was passing my problems to him. 

Nervous but knowing my dad would figure it out we kept onward. Running thought possible issues he decided that the keys he kept on his physical key might be causing a weight issue. So taking the extra weight off he decided to keep going. There was discussion about possible fuse issues and maybe even an on star problem. 

For those that remember you know this all to well. On star used to have a service in gnc vehicles (maybe others as well, I'm unsure) where if you suspected that the vehicle was stolen or if they suspected it was stolen on star could literally turn off your vehicle whenever necessary. You report the theft and they would turn off the car for you. Sounds great right? Well...that is until the vehicle thinks YOU stole it and turns it off on you. That was a suspected problem and so K (K is someone my father is seeing) and my dad discussed where that fuse is to pull it. If it was the problem then it's fixed, If not well then at least it was pulled and eliminates a possible problem. 

Getting to Gimli we make some exchanges and make sure everything is secure and in proper position. Pueblo has a high crime rate and I was unsure about leaving certain items so I made sure to switch everything around and make sure to bring what i could to bring down my anxiety. Even though it was parked at a dealership it didn't mean it wouldn't be a target with a Florida plate on the back. 

After the exchanges were done I gave one last look, turned in my keys and we were off the Yellowstone. 

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