Getting to the campsite
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2021-07-05 14:51 by Sarah Denninger
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Getting to the campsite

With a walk-behind us, the truck loaded and in high spirits, we set out towards west Yellowstone where we would be able to stay in our campsite for the race and the rest of our visit. Things were nice, easy, and of course comfortable. We were cruising along, stopping to get gas and just chatting on and off about different subjects that came our way. Honestly, it was nice to just relax for once since we started making our way towards Yellowstone. 

In the midst of this adventure, we got to a point where real food was required. So we found a little town and decided to stop to get some burgers and drinks. It was around 2 when we stopped and knowing we would be late we decided to give the campground a call to let them know about our late arrival. In the email, it states that if you are going to be later than 6 p.m to give them a call so of course, we did what was advised. Now mind you the email said nothing else. Just to call if you would be late. 

Giving them a call I hear a lady on the other line and I tell her we will be later than 6 thinking they will make a notation and give us some instructions for our late arrival. In my experience, most places tell you that there will be a code at the gate and a packet of some kind with your name and what site you are at with a map so you can direct yourself to the appropriate spot. Apparently, this place didn't operate that way. The lady tells me that if we're gonna be there at 6:30 that's the latest they can stay but after that, we wouldn't be able to get in and would have to show up the next day. 

Excuse me? 

Stunned and confused I started to give this chick hell. The email does not state that they are ONLY open till 6. It says to call if you will be there later than 6 p.m. There isn't any notation about how they are only open to 6 and if you don't show up at that time well you are screwed for that night. Baffled I explain this to the girl and she sighs and says she's going to get the manager. I update my Dad and K and my dad is making this face that says "wtf" which is correct by all means of our day and how it has gone. 

Finally, a manager comes on the phone and I'm telling her that we need to be there tonight and where we are. Baffled she tells me we won't make it in time but she and her husband will stay till 7 p.m and no later. Blown away by how rude she was I tell her we WILL be there and hang up. Going into the restaurant I tell them we have to go. Now. We quickly leave and apologize and get in the car and take off. We were about 4 hours away and hauling ass and decide to go through Yellowstone park since it was faster and I had an annual pass card that allowed you free entry into the parks. So we take that route and make our way to the campground and I'm apologizing for this. It was just another layer to this **** show. 

Soon we're in the parks and we see the Tetons from a distance and were cruising and enjoying the views eating some food in the car we had. Seeing a really cool view but knowing we couldn't stop I rolled down the window and stand up and take photos out the window. I roll the window back up and a few minutes later I see another view and roll it back down. My Dad and K are enjoying a conversation and just taking in the wonderful views. I sit back down and go to roll up the realize it's not rolling up. It's stuck. Panic set in. 

This could not be happening. 

Messing with the switch while also trying to palm the glass up I realize that the window is going nowhere. I even tried to palm it up as high as I could but it quickly went back down. Glancing at my dad and knowing that I could make this day worse by giving him this news I continued to try to fix the window. My mind of course had a string of curse words going. 

"Mother of F*cking sh*t"

and many others. Finally, I admitting defeat and sat in my seat. When do I say something? When we get there? Now? When the conversation is done? 

I kid you not twenty minutes went by and I tapped my dad on the arm. 

"Heyyy....soooo the windows not working". The next ten minutes was him trying to get it to work with me doing the palm and lifting situation. Nothing worked. Sighing my dad starts telling us all this food has to go because you know...bears are around Yellowstone. So we started eating all the nuts, jerky, and chocolate we can. 

Soon we're at the campground 20 minutes past 6 and the lady is baffled we made it in good time and I tell her that the rest of the amount we owe will be paid by my dad but guess what. She runs the card on card...on accident. SHes apologizing profusely and I'm sitting here wondering if she did it on purpose or if she really was that stupid. She couldn't even do a refund. I was blown away. Telling her it's fine we get to the campsite and set everything up and go back into town to get a garbage bag and tape until we can go to the hardware store to get the part we need. After getting the redneck fix we need we FINALLY sit down and eat some food. Were exhausted from low energy and from running around all day to get to where we need to be. I was ready for bed and honestly was not in the mood for any more surprises. 

We only had a day until the race and I just wanted this part of our trip to be done. So with food in our bellies and talk about what to do for the window we set off back to the campground. In spirits of being a hands-on person, my dad sets to trying to get the door panel off but he doesn't have the tools he needs to get it off. After searching the truck and taking a look around where we were which was a park full of RVs I notice that one of our neighbors is out by the fire. I head over and decide to ask if he had some tools we maybe could borrow. I explain what is happening and in good spirits, he comes over and tries to help my dad by giving him his full toolbox to try on the door panel. After thirty minutes we find out he doesn't have the one tool we need. \

Thanking him and telling him to have a good night we finally retire for the night. Hopefully, tomorrows exploring will be a nice break from our back-to-back crazy adventure. 

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