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2018-03-02 15:24 by Sarah Denninger , 1300 references
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A Word from the Artist

All pieces are made by yours truly. The price you see is for the actual piece itself and does not include shipping. Once you click the buy now button you will be brought to a screen that will tell you your total and that includes the shipping. Most pieces are $15 to $20 to ship but if you go for the bigger pieces then it may be more since the piece is bigger and we have to include the purchase of the actual box. Most of the pour pieces that I currently have for sale have epoxy poured on them so that they will last a lifetime and stay bright and beautiful. 

Every piece you guys purchase helps my future travels and will also help with the camper van expenses. I appreciate each and every one of you for your support and I hope you guys will continue to follow along as we make these strides for a bigger and better life. 


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