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Not gonna lie dog training has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Lylah is now 7 months old and is still growing and learning every day. With us bonding on the road for ten weeks its been a difficult transition from the go go go life to this life of staying still. Of course, I'm doing my best to make it easier by going on long walks, taking her to the gym with me, hanging out with my client's dogs, and just generally being around her as much as I can and getting her energy out. Of course with this difficulty staying still also means that she has this idea that she can try and challenge me as alpha. Now I know that this will be an ongoing thing for at least three to four years. The breeds she's mixed with all have this age where they will suddenly backtrack on their training to see what they can get away with. 

For Lylah she is learning the hard way that I won't allow that. She really does try her hardest to push me and to see how far she can push but with the training I've been putting forward, she hasn't had much success. I'm not afraid to make my stance and to make sure she knows I'm in charge. Not my friends, not my dad, and certainly not my boyfriend. 


Now I'm not saying she doesn't listen at all, she does and I'm starting to trust her more but it is a process. Puppies aren't like humans, you have to be on top of them at all times to get them to understand what you want them to know. You have to lay down the law constantly and make sure that nobody is giving any room for them to make the decisions. 

So far Lylah is doing well and I'm excited to see how she is down the road and I am considering sending her off with a personal trainer when she is around a year old so that her training can be more refined but for now, I will take what I have. She is growing up to be a wonderful best friend. 

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While I was on the road I had a lot of time to think about everything in my life. I had time to reset myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had time to really consider all possibilities and to think about where I wanted to go next. Ten weeks of freedom and pure bliss do that to people. Of course, not everyone thinks that living in a van for ten weeks is worth the time but for someone who loves to get outside, hike, and explore it's a paradise. 

One of the things I thought about was work, I wondered what I would do when I got back and what kind of job I could get being in a touristy area where I had lived most of my life. I really wondered if it was worth going back to Florida at all or if I should consider other options. Then I thought about my boyfriend and realized that I was gonna have to go back no matter what. I did (and do) love him so not going back wasn't an option and yet I really didn't want to go back to the normal 9-5 retail/hostess business. That's all the Destin area really is and I was dreading the idea of having to put myself through that stress. 

So I got to looking online for jobs I can do that wouldn't be in those categories. For weeks I searched, applied, waited, and wondered if anything would happen at all. Even when I got back home I got nothing. Not a lick of response from people I had talked to and I was started to feel that I would have to go back to those dreadful jobs. Which would be literal hell on earth. 

Yet someone was looking out for me because I got a job with a business that lets you work from home. Now I can't exactly tell you all the details but its great because I can make my own schedule and for a month I get paid training and it's really good money. It's an exciting factor that I wasn't expecting and I am so stoked to get this job started. I have a few weeks left of waiting and I know I will be busy getting things down and learning something new but I am ready to do something other than sit and watch shows all day or go climbing. I need something more than that. Something that makes me get up early instead of sleep in and struggle to get through my day. 

I'm ready, and I can't wait for this new chapter to start. I feel like things are really moving in the direction I need and when I get things down at this job I can travel with it. All I need is a headset and a laptop and I'm good to go. SO many adventures and changes are coming. 


Purchase an art piece today! This piece is new and ready to rock and roll. 


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2020-11-12 15:12 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 20 references

Guess what I went to get yesterday from Hobby Lobby.

Have you guessed yet? I mean it would be a little obvious if you gave it a bit of thought

ok ok, so I went and got canvases. Oh yes, I went and bought more supplies. I finally am going to make more art pieces for you guys to purchase and put in your homes. Now I will say, for the time being, its going to be dirty pour paintings because they are easier with where I live. With spraypaint, I need a table, sheets, canvases, spray paint, masks, gloves, and so much more. So to make my life a tiny bit easier I am going to stick to the dirty pour until I can figure out how to do spray paint pieces where I live. It's a work in progress but it's coming along swimmingly. 

So stay tuned for more art because I am so excited to make more pieces and just be creative again. 


I have some art pieces for sale now. Just click here to go to my gallery. 

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2020-11-10 12:37 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 56 references

I'm not gonna lie, this trip I took across the United States really opened my eyes to what I am missing out west. I have lived on the east side almost my entire life and it has been nice to see what I have seen. Its been a treat to see all the states that I have seen and yes there are still a few in the top northeast corner that I have never been to which I hope to visit before our big move west. For the most part, though I have seen what I have wanted to see out here. It's crazy how similar most things look on the East side of the United States and then you go west and every state is different. Different people, landscapes, cities, wildlife, and vibe. All of it changes as you go. 

Truth be told I want to still be on the road, I want to still be visiting places and I still want to be wowed every time I get up in the morning by a beautiful view outside my window. But of course, we all know that didn't happen, I had to go home. 

In two weeks I have managed to get back into the climbing gym, my dad came and helped me fix my Volkswagon, I got an online job, got Lylah spayed, and have settled into a boring routine where I oversleep and stay home all day because there isn't much to do around here. My online job doesn't start for almost a month and of course, there isn't much I can do about that, it is what I decided and I figured that maybe I could manage it by keeping things simple until it starts. Really I just need to make enough to keep my head above water which is what anybody would do if they were smart about their money. 

With this online job, after about a month, I can then move anywhere and make my own schedule so it means that the doors are open for me to leave Florida and start somewhere new. It makes the possibility to be my own boss a reality and its exciting to know that I can do more and not have to deal with somebody telling me how much I am worth, what to do, or have their eyes hovering over me while I do the job I know how to do. 

Big and exciting things are coming and I'm ready for this next chapter. 


While I am waiting for this job to start I do have some pieces for sale still. Now shipping has increased a bit (for some reason) so please be patient with me. The people at the post office said that it was because of the size of the boxes I use (for the bigger art pieces) but I know that isn't true because I have been doing this for three years and that has never been the case. So I had to increase the price a bit to help with that sudden change. But please, take a look at what I have and if you like any of them purchase them today and they will be at your house in a few day's time. I'm excited to let some of these pieces go. 



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I know we are all anxiously waiting for the results of the election but I do want to say something to everyone that is willing to read onwards. 

We all have different beliefs, we all have different ideas of what makes America Great, and we all have different opinions of who should lead us in the "right direction" but, despite who wins this election please keep in mind that we are human. We will vote for those who want to win because we all have different opinions, thoughts, and ideas. That's how humans work. If we didn't have imagination and free will then we would be pretty close to robots and I don't think anybody likes that idea. No matter who is leading us people will be upset, people might get violent and you may lose a friend or two at the end but no matter what happens just keep in mind that you had the right to choose and that's just how the world goes round. 

Personally, I think that no matter who is leading we are all screwed. I don't like either candidate and that's just how I feel. Now I know some people who are very hard on their opinions and won't budge but then there are others who have the same idea I do. Just watch it play out and pray that we can make it through. It sounds dumb but in my mind, that is the cards we have been dealt with. No matter who it is they will make decisions that we can't come back from. WIth the coronavirus, we already are in deeper water than we were before it happened. Were a drowning nation and it's just a matter of who can keep us afloat long enough to give us a real candidate who will do the job the right way. 

Now that may never happen in which case we will drown. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or next month, or next year, or ten years from now but somewhere we will drown. Let's just hope that we can get through this and find a solution. Please be safe and try to be kind. Not everyone thinks the same and that's ok. 

So while we wait, drink a beer, have a smoke, go for a walk, a run, or just turn everything off and sit in silence for a minute. Before you know it this too shall pass. 

Be safe out there you guys and be vigilant. Things are about to explode. 

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