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Here's a fun fact. Over the last five years, tattoos have become so popular that almost half of America's population has one. Isn't that wild? When I was growing up they were considered weird or out of the ordinary. Now (as someone who is in her mid-twenties) Almost every person I know has at least one. It's so popular that most people don't bat an eye and I remember when I was sixteen how badly I wanted them. My dad always told me that if I got one it never came off and I needed to choose wisely where to put them if I wanted to work for some companies in the future. 

Well as some may know that didn't go well when it came to placement choices. I have tattoos on top of both my hands and I love them so much. I'm even planning to get another finger tattoo in the next few months. I just think are so cool and even though the chance of them fading or being distorted over time is higher than anywhere else on the body, I think that's totally ok. After all, eventually, all of my tattoos will look funny and faded but I will tell you what, I will look badass because I will own my ink. 

Every piece of ink on my body is a representation of who I am. It's a part of my story and I love every single one. I won the fact that I made those choices and I know that for a while it made my grandmother upset (when she was alive) but changed her mind a few months before she passed. She told me how beautiful they are and that she loved them. That honestly made me feel so happy. Nobody else's opinion (except mine of course) matters to me and that included my grandmother. I know she wasn't a fan but to have her compliment me and tell me how beautiful they are made me just feel so happy and accepted by her.


The thing about where we are now, as a country is that we are changing and that includes our ideals about piercings and tattoos. It's pretty normal now to have them and if you are one that doesn't have them that is 100% ok. If you do have them then good for you for sitting in the chair, putting up with the pain, and deciding to have that on your skin. It takes a lot to sit in that chair and just soak it in as you wait for that artist to finish up. 

For those that still think it's wrong to have ink and tell people shame on them or that they are in the wrong maybe you need to reconsider that idea. The numbers are increasing and it's just not cool to tell people they are wrong for something that they decide. If they regret it later then they regret it later and that's all there is to it. But to shove it in someones face just is rude and uncalled for. Times are changing and unfortunately were just going to have to accept it. 

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Haters gonna hate and that's always the case with anything your gonna do in life. You can't make everybody happy and everyone is going to have an opinion about how things should be, how people should treat their bodies, how people should eat food, what car they should drive, etc etc. The list is endless and it always is a pain because you literally cannot make everyone happy You can try your damnedest but it won't work. Someone will always be unhappy with who you are, what you do, or what you say. Always. 

With that being said, if you are on my Twitter or my blog and you don't like what you see or read then move on. It's not difficult to do. There is always a way to exit out of what you are seeing. It's not difficult and you can do it with ease. 

If for some reason you have an issue with what I do or say, whatever it is, move along. You can put your opinions but I may comment back about it or totally disregard you. I don't have time for your unhappiness about how I run things or my decisions with my body, what I wear, or even say. If you want to support me awesome, thank you so much for all you do and for continuing to follow and purchase art from me, it means the world. 


If you don't like what you see and that makes you not want to support me then that is totally ok. I have zero problems with that and I understand if you don't want to purchase anything or read my content or make donations. Just realize that if you make any rude comments or posts that two things could happen. 1)You could get backlash from me or a comment depending on what you say. It could be nice or it could be me giving you back the same amount of sass and retort as you gave. or 2) You get blocked depending on what you say or do with my content. 

I just don't have time for the haters, even though there are a lot out there, and I will do what I can to make sure that I do what's appropriate for the situation. 

So just keep that in mind if you're following along on my life journey, art, or anything else I post. With that being said, thank you to those who support me and I appreciate it as always. 

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I don't know if anybody on here does any kind of trail running but I recently did a trial run for the first time in years. The last time I attempted to do any kind of trail running I almost landed flat on my face due to not paying attention to what was going on around me (this doesn't include Yellowstone which we all know how that went from my post about it) and after a mile, I gave up and have stuck to concrete roads ever since. 

The downside to that is that of course it's more impact on my knees and I'm sure in another ten years or less I will have side effects of some kind from it. How bad will it be? Who knows but I signed up for it so here we are. 

In any case, I decided to switch things up and attempt to go to a state park that Lylah and I have been to a few times. It's technically a bird island state park but it's quite beautiful and it's quiet which is perfect for running with your pup. For Lylah it was a little confusing since we go there for her to run around all wild and freestyle and she couldn't do that while we were running so she was looking around and at me all confused while we ran and I have to say I think we both enjoyed the change. Not only was I a little slower due to the terrain but it was nice to be on the ground that wasn't so rough. In this particular park, I didn't find the trail running to be too terrible since they seem to maintain the park well enough that you can see the roots before you get to them which is helpful and we cruised through the park just enjoying the weather and passing people we saw with little to no problem. We even saw a park ranger and he nodded to us and didn't seem bothered by what we were doing.

But what I didn't think about was the route I took. We came to the state park in September and there is a part of the trail by the parking lot where you go uphill for quite a ways and then it levels out and can add on about a mile and a half to your trail. It's nice because it's all grasslands up there and it seems a lot of people avoid that part of the trails so it's secluded and Lylah loves romping around up there. Here's what I forgot about that part of the trail. 

I forgot that to get down to the main trail you have to take this little dirt path that has super exposed roots sticking up and it's slick. So good ol me forgot about this and turned to go up to the grasslands trying to add on the extra mileage to try to get somewhere between 4 to 5 miles in total since that was the plan. 

So we turn and were going up and Lylahs pumped up, ready to go and instantly I realize I made an error but I was slowly running up it and trying to push through and I almost died in the first 30 seconds of that decision. It was not only covered in exposed roots but slick from the fallen leaves. I decided, sadly, to walk up the little path and it killed my time. Absolutely destroyed it and once I hit the four-mile marker at the parking lot I stopped. I couldn't believe I forgot about that part. The trail run was enjoyable and I see why most people prefer it but the man did I question myself for that last mile. I do plan to go back there just to change things up and pick different routes to run on so we can explore and change it from the normal runs we do since it not only helps my recovery but is good for lylah and distractions. 

How do you guys feel about trail running? Do you hate it or prefer it? Let me know. 

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One of the things I've learned about where I currently live is that the neighborhood has an overabundance of dogs. Almost every house has one and every single dog is unique in its own way and I'm sure shows love and acceptance in its own language. Each owner knows their dog well and most of them seem to be ok. The trouble with the neighborhood though is that most of them are not behind fences, at all. Here it seems that people love to use the off-leash rule to their heart's content and I can understand that to a certain point. I let Lylah off on one of the streets that is more remote every once in a while and even though it's a short little walk it's also scarce of other dogs. The terrain is easy to read and it seems that either the homes are empty when we walk by or they just like to stay inside to be warm. Either way, I'm cool with it and keep an eye out just in case someone's pup comes strolling out the door. 

Now normal etiquette with a dog, as I have learned over this past year and a half of having Lylah, is that when a dog comes out of the house or is in passing you would normally leash your pup just in case and keep moving. This is for a number of reasons. Reason one, you have no idea if the other dog is friendly with other dogs. They could be reactive and you may not know it until your pup is already nose to nose with them. Reason two, It's proper to stand up for your dog and let them have positive associations with meeting dogs but only when you feel it's ok. Just letting your dog stroll up to other dogs and people without being told it is ok is not only rude but just dangerous. Your dog could have a reaction or maybe that person has some kind of training going on and they are working their dog to not be reactive. It's up to you to ask the other owner if it's ok and to be aware of the body language both dogs present. 

Responsibility is key and that doesn't just include picking up your dog's **** when they take a dump in someone's yard. 

Now I lay this all out there because in this neighborhood people don't leash their dogs. It's either they have an invisible fence/collar match or they put them on a long line in front of the yard that forces them to stop at the boundary of the road and grass. NOw you may think that's leashing them but it's not really. It's just a tether that's usually about fifteen to thirty feet long and the owner is never present. Not really a leash in this case. 

One of our neighbors down the road has an overabundance of dogs. one of them is a big boxer who under normal circumstances we ignore. Why? He normally has an invisible fence collar on and when he gets to the boundary of the yard he stops and just screams his head off. Normally. 

Yet within the past two weeks, I swear this dog has become wild and will either get hit by a car or will get kicked by my own feet. Lylah and I do two walks a day or we do a walk and a run. It depends on the schedule and what we have planned. Either way 90% of the time we are going past this house with this boxer. Recently he has decided to scare the living **** out of us. You never see him coming. Last week we were walking by and he came barreling out from the backyard and started barking like crazy and slowly made his way to the pavement. We kept going at a hurried pace and passed him with no problems. 

A few days later we are about to pass the house when this kid opens the door and the boxer and this black labradoodle pup come barreling out behind him and start running to this black truck parked out front. Lylah and I pause and watch and the next thing I know both dogs are trying to get to us. The black labradoodle comes up and tries to jump on me and I immediately knee that dog in the face to keep him off me and I also step in his bubble which makes him stop jumping and start barking instead. The Boxer is in the middle of the road eyes locked on us and is barking. The parents come out of the truck and start wrestling these two dogs back inside. I made no motion to help. The reason was I had Lylah and I was worried about the Boxer and what he might do. 

From there, things escalated more. We go on a run the other day and we pass the house the first time and nothing happens. We are on the way back and we are passing the house and the boxer comes barreling out and follows us a bit up the road barking and trying to get close. I manage to scare him off and keep Lylah moving. She was not impressed and clearly wants nothing to do with this dog. We do another quarter mile where it takes us up the road on the backside of our street and when you come off the backstreet you end up going down the hill to the house and you can see all the way down to the boxers home. He saw us coming to the house and started running up the hill towards us. 

I swear you guys this dog will get in some serious trouble if he comes to our yard. He got into the neighbor's yard and started barking and pacing keeping an eye on us the entire time. I kept Lylah on a leash and told him to go home which he responded by barking more and then marking his territory before finally going home. He's never tried to come up to the house before but I swear these people don't watch him. The past two weeks have been really bad and I'm starting to wonder what is going on. They cant keep him under control and that is just not ok. 

I'm hoping this won't escalate anymore but only time will tell. If it does im sure you all will get an update on that situation. 

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Just an update on my art. I made a bunch of pieces in celebration of my birthday. All of them were made with love, passion, and creativity spilling out of me. It had been a bit since I had done a set of pieces and I was so pleased with how these turned out. Please check these pieces out and make a purchase. All purchases help me out on my adventures and they all deserve a wonderful place to be shown off/displayed. Thank you guys so much for your continued support and I'm hoping to do another set here in the next month, maybe use bold colors and expand my color pallet. Stay tuned for that next set. It could be fun and maybe a bit out of the ordinary for me. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]
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[galery 604]
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to see everything I have click the link. Thank you guys so much! 

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