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2022-01-18 15:35 by Sarah Denninger
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Hey everyone! Happy new year. I hope you all are doing well and even though we're only eighteen days into the start of 2022 I hope that everyone's resolutions are going swimmingly. 

In terms of the resolutions for myself, I finally came up with a list of reasonable things I would like to do this year and aim for. One of them is to make more art pieces for you guys and I have a certain number I would like to make (and hopefully sell) by the end of 2022. As some of you may have noticed the first one dropped this morning and in less than an hour it sold. Which was not only exciting but amazing to have happened. Mostly because I wasn't sure how quickly a new piece would sell since art pieces are always a hit or miss these days. So in turn thank you for the support. 


One of my other resolutions is to get back into the regular blog posting but make a schedule for when those will be posted. It may not be as frequent as my dad's (market ticker) but I am hoping to make a schedule where I post two or three posts a week and get back into the groove. It seems more probable for me and I'm hopeful as to be able to keep that promise. 

As for other resolutions those are more personal and I will keep to myself for the time being. I honestly am just ready to expand and see what comes this year. I'm hoping to get back into my creative mindset and get the ball rolling on my small business and it's exciting to think that things are moving in a positive direction. So here we come 2022. Small steps can lead to bigger and better things. 

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Here we go. The start of another year which means the start of more adventures that will last lifetimes. I'm not really sure what I have planned just yet for 2022 but I am excited to see what is coming. I'm trying to figure out things and make a list of things that I want to accomplish for the next year and soon I will have that list completed and will be striving for those goals. The first major one that is happening is me going to Hobby Lobby to get some more supplies to make some art pieces. I had to wait for some great deals before I could make the trip out and they have finally come out. I'm excited to create some new art and see what you guys think. I have some fun ideas and I am excited to give them a try and bring some flavor to the gallery. 

In honesty, I think I am in need of changing up the gallery for sure and giving you guys more options when it comes to art pieces. I know that I used to have a wider variety but due to some issues about three years ago with being in a controlling relationship and my ex bringing me down on my art pieces and it was demotivation on my art and so that is the main reason for not having as many choices in my art as I did before but slowly I've been coming back 

 I'm looking to make some more dirty pour pieces and then play with some abstract pieces that will be smaller and available for purchase. It's always fun going into Hobby Lobby to see what catches your eye and a few things came to mind while I was walking around and I can't wait to try it out and see what you guys think. It could go well or it could go terribly. Who really knows until you try you know. 

This will be a fun time to expand and I cant wait to see what comes out of it. 


Also a side note, there will be three pieces that will be made at a size I haven't done before. It will be interesting to see what kind of pours are made and I am excited about it but just wanted to give you all a heads up for them to come up for sale because I'm not sure if I will make any other pieces of this particular size. 

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Recently it seems that more people are becoming interested in my artwork and blog. It's no thanks to Twitter and my dad who has always been a big supporter. It's slowly growing but it's happening. I honestly didn't think that anything like this would happen and it's so nice to see more pieces get shipped and my business growing. It's small leaps but even the smallest step means the world. So for those of you that are new here, welcome. I know that the posts aren't as frequent as most bloggers you may be read but it's mostly because life isn't always as crazy as most make it seem. I post when I have something to say or share and I hope you can appreciate that instead of just random posts every day. 

For those that are new let me introduce myself. 

My name is Sarah and most people know me through my father's blog. If You just stumbled on here from Twitter or just randomly clicked on a link that lead you here well welcome. I would say that I'm mostly an adventurer that dabbles in the making of artwork, taking photographs, and getting out in the world to see what is out there. I've traveled to over 30 states and so far I've been to 4 countries and hope to make that number grow once the covid nonsense has calmed down. I'm not someone who normally cares for politics because I believe that life is to be enjoyed and I find that politics gives most people a sour taste when brought up so mostly I avoid it here on my blog. 

I have two pets, a Siberian Husky mix, Lylah who is a year and a half, and a spicey cat named Cinnamon Spice, who is now 7 years old. I talk about them from time to time and share photos of them as they are part of my adventure in life and of course just to share the adventures they take with me. 

From time to time I take off in a converted van I purchased a little over a year ago now and I share the expenses, adventures, and ideas from that van. Currently, I'm slowly sharing what has been done to the van on my Youtube channel and it's been great to have that to look back on and for others to see. It's a lot of work and it's been wonderful to see the progress. Of course, If any of you are out there traveling when I am I would love to meet up and get to know others out on the road. After all, it is an experience that is slowly expanding and others are getting on board with that idea and lifestyle. 

Those are just a few things to share and as I post you may notice that there is a lot of other things that come up that I do while I'm adventuring and I do try to share details of what life is like on the road when I am out there exploring. I hope you will continue to follow along and check back in when I post. I'm hoping to have new art pieces coming out here to share and I am excited to see where that path takes me. If you want to see my gallery click on this link here and check it out. Every purchase helps with our adventures and it's always appreciated. 

Thank you for following and ill see you out there sometime on the road, in nature, or maybe in town. 

Happy Holidays. 

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I know that everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Spending time with family, eating good food, maybe going out to do something fun, hanging out with friends and etc. There so much happening and so many things to look forward to. This year I'm sure it will be a quiet time for us with the normal traditions of watching Die Hard, drinking, and opening out gifts. It always is a fun time to enjoy and remember. After all, we always have a good time with a few drinks and watching things go boom when we watch a classic Die Hard movie. 

Other than the normal traditions it seems we will have a quieter year of celebrating. I think we both just kind of want to take a moment to breathe and I'm sure ill be doing something with getting outside and exploring some but I am also ready for just some good quality sleep. I've been in need of good rest and I think every once in a while it's wonderful to just shut yourself off and it needed to reset your mind and body. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

But of course, before that much-needed break, I'll be making some newer art pieces to start the year here shortly. I may try and go to some more abstract pieces again just to change things up. Play with different ideas and see what comes through. I'm excited for the potential to expand what I have in store and to start playing around with art and have more fun with my pieces. I hope you guys are ready and I can't wait to make them and share them with you guys. 

What are your Christmas traditions? ANy movies you must watch or beverages you consume? 

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Here's a fun fact. Over the last five years, tattoos have become so popular that almost half of America's population has one. Isn't that wild? When I was growing up they were considered weird or out of the ordinary. Now (as someone who is in her mid-twenties) Almost every person I know has at least one. It's so popular that most people don't bat an eye and I remember when I was sixteen how badly I wanted them. My dad always told me that if I got one it never came off and I needed to choose wisely where to put them if I wanted to work for some companies in the future. 

Well as some may know that didn't go well when it came to placement choices. I have tattoos on top of both my hands and I love them so much. I'm even planning to get another finger tattoo in the next few months. I just think are so cool and even though the chance of them fading or being distorted over time is higher than anywhere else on the body, I think that's totally ok. After all, eventually, all of my tattoos will look funny and faded but I will tell you what, I will look badass because I will own my ink. 

Every piece of ink on my body is a representation of who I am. It's a part of my story and I love every single one. I won the fact that I made those choices and I know that for a while it made my grandmother upset (when she was alive) but changed her mind a few months before she passed. She told me how beautiful they are and that she loved them. That honestly made me feel so happy. Nobody else's opinion (except mine of course) matters to me and that included my grandmother. I know she wasn't a fan but to have her compliment me and tell me how beautiful they are made me just feel so happy and accepted by her.


The thing about where we are now, as a country is that we are changing and that includes our ideals about piercings and tattoos. It's pretty normal now to have them and if you are one that doesn't have them that is 100% ok. If you do have them then good for you for sitting in the chair, putting up with the pain, and deciding to have that on your skin. It takes a lot to sit in that chair and just soak it in as you wait for that artist to finish up. 

For those that still think it's wrong to have ink and tell people shame on them or that they are in the wrong maybe you need to reconsider that idea. The numbers are increasing and it's just not cool to tell people they are wrong for something that they decide. If they regret it later then they regret it later and that's all there is to it. But to shove it in someones face just is rude and uncalled for. Times are changing and unfortunately were just going to have to accept it. 

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