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Yesterday I started crate training during the day. Its one of those things that is the most when it comes to puppies. Not only does it help with potty training but it helps with building trust. Right now we're in the teething stage so it's vital that we make sure to keep her from chewing up cords, shoes, etc. So while I am away at work the crate is one of those things that has to be done. 

After running around with Lylah all day yesterday we finally got back to the apartment with less than an hour before I had to go to work. Knowing that you have to make sure the puppy or dog is tired before putting them in the crate I made sure to walk her and take her for car rides so that she not only gets tired from the traveling but from the exercising as well. Back at the apartment, I could tell that it was a success. She laid down and instantly she was out. I took about twenty minutes to myself and then it was time. I coaxed her up and with treats and pets, I got her in the crate. During the night she did great. No problems slept like a baby so I hoped this would be the same. 

It was not. 

The instant I closed the gate she started barking. Loud. Trying my best to go with the "let her cry it out" method I grabbed my stuff and left the building. I paused. I sat there for about five minutes listening to her barking hoping that she would realize it's ok and quiet down. She was so loud I could hear her all the way to my truck but sadly she didn't seem to understand. 

At work I was pretty worried she was still going but had hopes that she would eventually tire herself out and fall asleep. I asked my boyfriend to check on her and see if she was still crying when he got off. Around 4:30 he swung by and confirmed that she was still barking. Talking to my manager and keeping an open mind I ran to the apartment (I'm staying at a client with her) to grab food and try a different method. 

For those of you that don't know there is a better method for crate training then the cry it out method. Its called the potty method. 

The idea is positive reinforcement. You go to the crate, put the puppy inside, and lock the crate. When the puppy cries you take the puppy out, go outside and let the puppy potty. If the puppy potties you give them a treat and if they don't then you go back inside and put them back in the crate (you stand at a potty spot for about a minute to two minutes, no more no less). You do this until they "get it" and stop crying. The idea is to let them know that the only reason to cry is to go outside to potty. This can break bad habits and countless hours of losing sleep because of the crying. 

The tick to this, no attention. At all. When the puppy cries you can't say anything. Not no, sit, wait, nothing. You have to show that you aren't giving them attention, you are only allowing them to go outside for a boring potty break and nothing more. Even if you get frustrated you have to remember that this is a puppy and that when you got the puppy you basically signed up for this. It comes with the territory of crate training. 

Luckily for Lylah I was able to get her to stop crying almost immediately with this method. I did about a ten-minute session with her and by the time I left she had stopped barking. Even last night it took only half the time to get her to stop crying when it was time to go to bed. Puppies need consistency. If you don't stay consistent they won't learn quickly and bad habits can occur. 

So if you get a puppy and need some help with crate training do this method instead of the cry it out method. Not only will it save you sleep but it will save your puppy from possibly hurting themselves as well. 

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2020-07-09 08:56 by Sarah Denninger
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Last night was the first night of crate training for Lylah. I've been watching Youtube videos on how to do certain things with her so that she no only grows up to be an amazing dog but she grows up to be one that understands and follows commands. Through other people's dogs and my own experience I have seen a handful of dogs that are beautiful inside and out but they just are a little bit disobedient. Just enough so that when they do that one thing you get annoyed by it. My biggest pet peeve with dogs is the jumping up on me and on others. It just is one of those things that really get to me and it irritates me when the owners try to just let it go or don't correct it. So with Lylah, I'm starting early. 

I'm excited to see her grow, have her by my side, and be an amazing dog/companion. 

for those that are just tuning in Lylah is a german shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Husky Mix. She is a combination of three amazing breeds that are super smart and all quite beautiful in their own way. I feel very lucky to have gotten a puppy with the three dogs that I always had an issue choosing between. She may be a high energy dog but that is ok. I do a lot of exercising, running around, and traveling. I am hoping to make her my travel companion and my running buddy. There is so much stuff I am looking forward to and I can't wait for the future. Lylah will have an amazing life, that is one thing that I know for sure. 

I will make sure to post photos and updates on her as her life continues to be amazing. I hope you guys will continue to support my adventures along with Lylah and Spice. 


If you want to see what art pieces I have left for sale click here to go check them out. There are seven left in stock and I would appreciate any help to completely empty out my gallery. 

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Yesterday I finally caved and adopted a puppy. Her name is Lylah and she is a mix of three different breeds. She is an Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd, and Husky mix. She literally is the perfect combination of all my favorite dog breeds in one. Not only is she smart but she is also the perfect companion. She and I are bonding really well and she is doing her best to stay by my side. Her name is the one thing that we have to work on. The person I got her from didn't really do much training so really I get to start from scratch. IN theory, it sounds nice but I do wish that she had a little bit more experience in the potty training area and that she had crate training as well. Unfortunatley because the puppy was still with her mom, whenever she would try and do crate training the mom would start panicking and freaking out. Because of that, she had close to no training when it comes to these sorts of things. 


Of course, she will be coming with me when I take off on the road in August. From what I understand starting the hiking and adventure life is better young. Not only will that help with her training but it will also help when it comes to making sure she gets exercise. I know how much a pain a dog can be to most but I had dreams of having a dog by my side when I travel on the road in the United States. I have Spice as well but she seems to prefer the adventure zone to be more in the backyard than anything. So I'm thinking that it might be best to have her live that life while Lylah and I take on the more daunting tasks and hikes. 

Life is pretty amazing right now and I'm excited to see where this takes me. So welcome Lylah into the family. 

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2020-07-07 12:26 by Sarah Denninger
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In case you guys have forgotten I have a YoutTube channel that shows all of the travels that I do, gives advice on places I have been, and so on. Check out my channel, like, comment, and subscribe today. You guys are amazing and giving me so much support and I hope you will continue to do so. 

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My rover clients have been growing these past few months and because of that, I have been able to take more photos to share with you guys and to put on my Instagram. If you haven't been following my Instagram you should. Its sarah_and_spice. I post photos of the animals I sit and I also post photos of my travels. SO definitely head there and check it out. EVen go through my stuff if you want. I have my Iceland photos, NEw Zealand photos, and so on. I try and post every day so that you guys can see some of my talents. Down below I'm gonna post my photos I have taken recently of one of my clients' cat, Taco. I also got a new photography tool called the lenseball. It's a neat little tool that I can't wait to experiment with and see what kind of photos I can capture with it. 


Its exciting to think that I could potentially have a job as a full-time sitter but of course, I am unsure if that will happen or not but I am hopeful that it will. I am leaving in August to head out on a trip in the United States and I am a little nervous to head out but I am ready to explore and to see more of the world we live in. I may not be going to Peru but I am going to go on an adventure one way or another. If you would like to donate while I am traveling then click the donation button on the right-hand side of the page. If you want to purchase art pieces click the link here to go to my gallery. Every penny helps me out and is greatly appreciated. There are so many exciting things coming. 

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