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The Half marathon in Yellowstone is fast approaching. I will be on the road for a few weeks and I'm excited to explore and get away from home for a few weeks. Which is going to be worth everything. I get to run with the bison, I get to check out the scenery and of course, get to push myself to the limit and of course have a glass of wine afterward. For this race, I gave up five things for three weeks. 

  • alcohol
  • candy 
  • sweets
  • bread
  • pasta 

So far it's been a week and it feels really good to have given up these items since I have them a little too often for my liking. I get to push myself away from bad habits and I get to reset my body before a race which is fantastic. The only thing that really is a bummer is that I don't get to be away from my job because it required a certain number of hours or I could get in trouble for not working. It's a messed up system that im, not a huge fan of and I am struggling with because they also don't do PTO which makes things exponentially harder. I'm excited but also not really liking the extra work I have to do to make things happen for travel. So of course I am looking for other forms of work at this time. 

While I travel I do ask that you guys take a look at my art gallery and see if anything catches your eye and if not PLEASE donate to help with this travel because I am super stoked about this and ready to get out of here for a bit but I do need the extra hand if possible. Tomorrow I'm also editing the rest of the video for the van conversion and I hope you're ready. It's going to be awesomeeee. 

Donate here: 



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There are so many wonderful things about having somebody on your side. This could be anybody. A best friend, a parent, a college friend, someone who met at a bar, or even a hike. It really could be anybody. For me it's always been my dad. He's been in my corner always making sure that I got through everything that was happening and is always giving me advice when needed. 

I'm not sure how this van project would be if he didn't stop by to not only **** around but help me out. I know I released the first part of the van conversion but we are at the point where the floor is fixed and the bed frame is finished (currently) and that is because of the handy help of my dad. He helped me fix the floor (which turns out it was real wood flooring, not the laminate stuff) and then proceeded to help me with building a bed frame that fit what I needed and the size requirements. It honestly looks amazing right now and I'm so glad that I had the extra help. 

I travel and love it because of the little bit of travel we did while I was growing up. He introduced me to camping, showed me how to start a fire, gave me extra gear for birthdays and Christmas, and even introduced me into the photography world, and when you combine those things you get exactly the right combination that I love. I get to travel when I can, take videos and photos, and just enjoy what the world has given us. Currently, Covid has made things difficult and I hope that it lightens up sooner rather than later. I have so many plans to visit so many places and one of them is to go up into Canada and make my way to Alaska. I want to see so many wonderful things. I want to experience the world and that's because of my dad for staying in my corner. 

Make sure to thank those that are in your corner. Maybe you haven't spoken in a minute, maybe you haven't taken the chance to really express how grateful you are, maybe you just never thought about it because its a natural flow for things between you, and the thought never occurred to say something as simple as "thank you". So I encourage you to say thank you to that one person who is in your corner because as I have learned in the past 6-8 months saying thank you can go a long way. 

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The floor in the van is nearly complete. Its been a week long project that took me quite a while to get right. I've never cut floorboards before and i've never had to install a floor before so for me this was a new project that I was unsure of. I really thought that I would mess it up or maybe need some assistance but at the end of the day I was able to get the floor installed and I didn't cut off a finger or have too many issues with getting it set up. I did end up replacing three boards in the van after my first time of completing the floor and now I feel much better about the end result. There were a few boards that I felt like could have been better cut so I went ahead and made the changes I needed and got everything in place. Seeing this result made me feel so much better and made me realize that there are a lot of things I didn't know I could do. I had no idea I could actually do any kind of labor like that and I had no idea that it would be so successful.


The next step is putting all the side walls back in place and getting a bed frame set up so that we can give it a spin this coming weekend. I'm excited to see how it holds up and to put the van to use after getting this floor all finished. Its a wonderful feeling to know that you finally are accomplishing part of your dreams. It took a while but i'm finally moving in a direction I can agree with and I couldnt be more excited to see the end result. I hope you all are just as excited because I will be working on the video and getting ready to post it here soon. So keep an eye out for that. Its gonna be so nice to see the video and to see it come together. 

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As some of you may know from previous posts in the past year I have struggled with my artwork because of an unhealthy relationship I was in. The relationship I was in before this current one was super damaging to my creative side. My ex was slightly controlling, always upset about anything and everything, needing more attention than I could give, got upset when I wanted to make more pieces for not only myself but for my fans, and of course, tried to blame everything that was going wrong on me. It was a huge amount of stress and it made my artwork suffer and when I got out of the relationship I slowed down on my creativity and it spiraled. I had a hard time really committing to my pieces and whenever I would make one piece I would stop because I didn't want to overdo it and make my pieces suffer if I wasn't going to give it my best for every piece. 

It's been over a year and I finally am coming back into my artwork. My creativity is finally where it needs to be. I feel good when I make art and I finally feel like I'm on the right track with it. I found a medium that I am happy with and I am finally taking the plunge to commit to my artwork more and more. 

Yesterday I spent two hours making nine brand new pieces. Yes, you read that right. 9 new pieces. I swear it was the best I have felt in so long and I feel like there was a piece of me that finally came back to the surface. I've been feeling more confident, I'm taking care of myself again, I'm more positive than ever and I feel like I can finally move onward in not only my mental health but my physical health. That last relationship really ate at me and even though I've faced some hardships in this new relationship we're still doing a lot better than before. Things are looking up and I love feeling the way I do. 

So without further ado, here are 3 out of 9 pieces that I made yesterday. They aren't for sale yet because I have to put the epoxy on them but when they are dry they will be ready to rock and roll and go to new homes. I'm so excited that my artwork is taking this turn. It's the direction that I was so hopeful for and I'm ready to start making more art at a consistent pace. 





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2021-02-16 11:21 by Sarah Denninger
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In the past few days, I have finally gotten a move on the van. In honesty, I wasn't sure what to think when I got things moving but now that I have done some work I'm feeling more motivated to get this done. I first went ahead and got the seat out which is for sale by the way. If I can't sell it in a week it's going to get trashed so keep that in mind. If you want something comfortable, in wonderful condition, and power then it is the seat for you. Just email me at to get information on where it is and so on. It really is worth the buy. 


Once the seat was out I went ahead and took off the side panels that were holding the carpet down and got to work. Now I have never pilled up the carpet before so for me, it was a first-time deal. I was excited and ready to get this moving so I went to the back and started to pull. I immediately realized that it wasn't as easy as I thought. I pulled and barely anything came up. For a few minutes I tried to pull up the carpet in the back and it was a struggle. So I went to one of the sides and started there and immediately the carpet started to come off the floor. Pulling, tearing, and giving all I had I managed to get the carpet up in most spots. Of course, there are one of two areas that I will have to take a box cutter and cut the edges because of accessibility but that's totally ok. 


Today I'm hoping to go get the supplies I need to start putting the new floor in. First is the prep and from there we get to cutting and placing boards in. It's just one of the many steps for the van itself. Slowly but surely I'm finally getting to work on this project. It's been waiting for a while and it's going to be so nice to finally have something to put some work and love into. 


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