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OK time to get down to business. LIterally. 

Here is the biggest issue I am having on the road. Showers. Literally, I have had the hardest time finding a hot shower. Heres the reasons why. 

1)I refuse to pay $30-$100 for a campsite where I will only use the shower. If they have electricity I might use it but only if I am in dire need and really I haven't really needed it much. The only thing I need is a converter for my laptop so that it can charge when I drive. Other than that I am pretty much good. 

2)covid. Literally, covid is the dumbest thing ever. I went to the coast in Oregon and Lylah and I had some fun dancing on the beach together. When we were done I saw that they had a full bathroom so I went inside to check it out. They literally took the shower heads off and the knob to turn the shower on, ALONG with the little metal drainage piece on the floor. To make it even better they than put caution tape over it to make sure NOBODY goes in or out. I was not amused by this as I was needing a shower after a few hikes, running, and of course the beach. So in response, I went to a water drinking area and washed my hair and the dog at that spot since I couldn't use the showers. 

3)If you go to planet fitness to ask if you can use the showers here is what they say "I'm sorry it's for members only" Ok that one really got to me. Like I am willing to pay for a shower. PAY MONEY to shower. Yet they turned me away. I was pretty baffled by that. 

So if you are on the road and don't want to pay ridiculous money for your hygiene then I suggest Truck stops or body wipes. Those two things combined are the only things keeping me sane and from being completely disgusting. Who would have thought that showers would be on the top of my list of things to worry about. 

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We are heading slowly back east. By slow I mean super slow. To be honest, I don't want to go back to civilization. I want to continue to see more things and explore them. I want to indulge and enjoy the time I have out here and really get to explore more thoroughly but I know that I have to be home for Halloween and I'm starting to have clients ask me to come back and sit for its time to get back to work. Hopefully, I can make it work out and have my clients be my main source of income. I won't really know if it's possible until I get back and run the numbers but I am hopeful that I can make it work until we move permanently out west. Once that happens I will be as happy as can be. 

While you guys hang on for more information on where I have been I ask that you check out these photos I took down below. They are from Oregon and it has been so much fun exploring this area. We even had a friend drive up from California to enjoy some hikes with us. She brought along her upper Brave and I swear you guys, they were meant to be. A match made in heaven. Lylah and Brave immediately took to each other and we have decided that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Once we move out here she and I are going to try and let them hike together as much as possible. The four of us will be the best of adventure buddies. 



Im so excited to give you guys all this footage. It hurts that I haven't been able to keep up and post as I go and give you all the Youtube videos I can. I swear I am trying my best but my computer it OUT OF SPACE. Its been such a struggle trying to transfer things on ****ty wifi connection. The bright side is I'm going back to my dad's house where I can dump as much as possible and edit for five days before I go climbing so BE READY cause its about to be real you guys. 

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Glacier National Park was one of those places that feels like a hidden gem. Its a place with so much wonder and beauty that is is unlike anything I have seen. Yellowstone was one thing but GLacier was a step into a fairy tale. The forest was dense and so green. So green that I felt overwhelmed with how green it was. Moss was all over the place and it just was something new and exciting. The river was exceptional and was glistening with this turquoise blue water that made you feel like you were about to take a step back in time. I literally felt so calm and peaceful that I didn't even think about how much time I Have left on the road. All I thought about was the fact that I was in the forest, seeing something that millions of others have seen but at the same time having an experience that was my own. 

It was a wonderful time and I really enjoyed being apart of something so amazing. 

All of the hikes in Glacier national park are anywhere from 3 miles to 12 miles long so if you decide to go pack appropriately because you never know what you can run into and it seems that their ratings are a hit or miss. We did a moderate hike and it didn't really get to difficult until towards the end of the hike where we had to go up to get to the lake we were hiking to. we only gained around 400 feet of elevation so for Steph and it wasn't too difficult since we had been doing hikes with thousands of feet of elevation every mile. It was a nice break from our usual routine together. I also recommend downloading the National Parks app where it has all the parks and the most popular hikes in one place. There are plenty of pictures and there is also a description of the hikes so you know what you guys are getting into before you go.

The last thing I recommend for the park is to get there early. Like Super early. Steph and I both got up at 5 - 6 a.m both days we were there to beat most of the people. So if you are not a morning person you might as well skip this place. It really is that popular, even on a weekday. If you get there after 7 or 8 a.m you will be fighting for a parking spot at most of the hiking trails and the roads are two-lane and very narrow so if something happens or if there is a traffic jam it will take forever to get where you want to go. SO keep that in mind when planning to go to Glacier. 


Now, Glacier National Park is not dog friendly so if you plan to bring your fur baby they have to have paws on concrete or at the little pull-outs by the lake. Those are really the only places dogs are allowed in the whole park and after Steph and I were done with our hike Lylah got to enjoy the lake and play for a little while. Of course, the water was freezing but for her, it was a nice way to cool off after being in the van waiting for my return. 



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Since I was last online I have made my way from Yellowstone to Glacier, over to Washington, and down to Oregon where I am currently. Seriously, I am sitting in a coffee shop in the one state I have been dying to visit. I've been here for a few days now and I love it. I love the vibe, I love the forest, I love all of it. It's one of those things that I could not believe I was able to make happen. Mainly because it was mostly on fire. Yet here I am, sitting and enjoying my time in this state. I am hoping to move here someday. It's one of those places that have always caught my interest and I am excited for the future of being able to move here. 

But while I sit here I want to tell you about getting Glacier National Park. 

Glacier National Park is in Montana and is surrounded by meadows and fields of corn. While you are driving to Glacier it really looks like you are heading to nowhere. For a while, you are going up and down hills and all you can see for miles is sheep and cattle moving around. Maybe you will see the occasional person on horseback but other than that there isn't much out there. Your cruising along and BAM you see Glacier and you can tell that the park is on the border of Montana and Canada. It sticks out like a sore thumb. 

That day my friend and I both arrived in this town called Browning and let me say this in all caps so you can pretend to hear me shout it at you...


Literally, don't go. It was so sketchy that Steph and I ended up moving parking lots after being bombarded by a woman in the bathroom trying to make us give her a burrito because she was "hungry". Steph bought her one, tracked her down (she told her no initially), and gave it to her which the lady then proceeded to not say a word and walk back into the gas station to try and haggle someone else. The only cool thing about Browning was the view of the mountains. While we sat and looked for somewhere else to go we watched as Glacier National Park got pounded by rain and snow. It was beautiful and so surreal seeing it in person. 

After our quick departure from Browning, we stayed at a campsite that had showers and laundry which we proceeded to do. Glacier was about a twenty-minute drive from where we were staying. That was on the west side of the park. The east entrance was closed and is for a good portion of the year. The campground that we stayed at was called Sundance and for a tent site, its $30 and it includes everything but laundry. The facilities were clean and the fire pit was well kept (yes we could have a fire because they didn't have a fire ban there) and that made things nice when it came to having a fire and hanging out after a long drive through the state. 

So if you plan to go to Glacier make sure to go to the west side and call and see if the Eastside is open because you never know what can happen. The East and west side entrances are over an hour apart so make sure to plan correctly. 


Next is about the hikes In Glacier. 

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It doesn't feel real that I'm over halfway done on my trip. Soon I will have to make my way home and of back to good ol Florida for nine more months before I leave and head back out to another place to live. It's exciting, it's crazy but it's needed. I feel like everything is the way it is supposed to be and I feel like I am in a time where it is necessary for the change. I also don't think that I can maintain the life I want in Florida and with this trip, it has shown me that I love hiking and climbing on a regular basis...but outside. I can do climbing inside but I don't enjoy being restrained to one thing and one thing only. I want to be free, alive, and able to explore on weekends and breathe in the outdoors. It just calls to me in a way that Florida just can't satisfy.

I don't know if any of you follow along with my blog but if you do I appreciate each and every one of you for being supportive and for following along on this journey. There are many more adventures I wish to tackle and there are so many places I want to visit. I hope you guys are enjoying the content I have been posting and have been following along. I have some stories coming about Glacier National Park and let me tell you guys. It's AMAZING. SO freaking gorgeous. If you have never been it should be on your list. We did two trails in two days and they both were so satisfying that we just felt at peace with nature. I really can't wait to post the videos. 

For now, though check out the videos on my channel. I know I've been obnoxious about it but honestly, you guys subscribing helps me get closer to my dream of making YouTube videos as a part of my living. So please subscribe and watch them. It helps me out and you get an inside scoop of where I have been. Click the button on the right to subscribe and down below is an old video I posted from Iceland. 

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