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I unexpectedly got kicked out of my friend's apartment. Yesterday while i was doing a very strenuous hike i i g a text that my friend is trying to celebrate his one year anniversary with his girlfriend before another guest comes into town. Of course he doesn't tell me this before i get into town which would have been preferred instead of right towards the end of my stay and on labor day weekend. 

Trying my best to make sure that i get everything packed and washed I try to be nice and accommodate to his wishes. So i pack up loose items around the apartment, i deflate the air mattress, throw the sheets and towels on the wash and wait for my clothes to dry. While I'm waiting for my clothes i am on my phone trying to find somewhere for us to go. 

Turns out everyone is either one of three things. Burning, reserved or closed. Great. I spent almost three hours trying to find somewhere and when 10:30 rolled around i messaged my friend to tell him it would be impossible on such short notice to get somewhere to stay. He doesn't answer. I ask if i can crash on the couch. No answer. 

Finally h and his girlfriend come into the apartment and i ask if he got my message. He tells me yes and proceeds to go right to the room. His girlfriend tries to tell me that Walmart would let me stay there overnight. Problem is most Walmarts in Colorado right now won't allow that. Covid really screwed things up for travelers like me and it was frustrating to try to explain to two good friends of mine that i did try and find a place. I know it was their anniversary but they should have said something before I got there. 

Luckily I had one last night there and they seemed fine but man was it frustrating knowing they were upset with you over something that was their fault not yours. 

This morning i packed and headed out so they could have a day to themselves. Hopefully I can find somewhere tonight to stay. Fingers crossed 

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I know I haven't been updating as much as I should be at the moment let me give you a quick update on where I am. Right now I am in Denver Colorado and I will be here for a few more days. The first few days we went out climbing and just hung out. Now we are in the hiking portion of my stay and yesterday we did this hike that reminded me of New Zealand. It was breathtaking ,and it wasn't very difficult to do the hike itself. It was around eight and a half miles long if you do the whole thing and really the only difficult part is the last few miles where you have a staircase that goes back and forth up the mountainside. Before and after that is smooth sailing. 

The hike on all trails says that it was kind of meh and that you didn't really get very good views most of the way up. I have to greatly disagree. The whole trail is a view. It was out of this world and I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt like I was in a fairy tale and for Lylah it was heaven. There were so many lakes and streams for her to hop into and to cool off in and she loves it when she got to be off-leash for ten minutes and just go wild in the mud and stream. It was a sight I am so happy I got to witness. 


I did get a lot of GoPro footage and in the next few days, I am going to be posting views that I have been collecting so that you guys can live through me and experience the beautiful things I get to see on this trip. They all are a wonder and I am so glad that I will get to share them with you so stay tuned for that and be ready to be amazed. 

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Today was a very long day of bouldering but it was also a beautiful day. We got to go outside, we got to be in the sun and we got to workout among friends and in perfect weather. Really there was nothing more I could have asked for. It was a day that I really enjoyed and I wouldn't change it for the world. Im glad that I got some more climbing before I go out on some hikes for the next few days. Of course, right now I am trying to figure out which ones I want to do but overall I think we will figure it out and get to see some amazing scenery. 

Colorado is one of my dream states and I'm forever thankful that I have friends that live In places like Denver. It gives me a chance to check out the area, to get some climbing and of course enjoy the fresh air that is present out here. Back in Florida its difficult to get outside let alone enjoy it and I can't wait for next summer when I get to move out of the state entirely or at least that is the goal. If I live in a van or if I live in an apartment, only time will tell on that one. I am excited to see what ends up coming my way for that. 

But while I have you I do want to drop some photos from our trip so far. They are precious and I am sure that you all would love to get a taste of what we have been experiencing and see some shots of Lylah and I together. 

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Today we were able to get outside and do some top rope and sport climbing. It was my first "official day" in Colorado and it was so nice to get outside and to actually climb again. Since I left my job and my gym I haven't touched rock in two weeks. Which is weird because normally I am very strict about keeping up my fitness when it comes to my climbing but when it comes to this sport, in particular, it's difficult to do depending on what variation of climbing you decide on. For bouldering my issue is that I don't have a crash pad and if I did I might be more inclined to climb things without question....well some question but not a lot. WIth Top rope or sport, I don't have the full gear I need and I don't have a partner on hand at all times to just teleport my way when I want to go outside to climb. Both things are problematic. 

Really it means that 90% of the things I may want to climb I cant and I don't feel like I am a good enough climber to just go and solo a bunch of things and hope for the best. Knowing me I will break something, roll an ankle or worse...accidentally kill myself in the process. I would do that. I would accidentally meet my end. 

Of course, that comes with climbing in general. There is a chance of messing up and hurting yourself to the point of not surviving but for the most part, I am good about being cautious with what I choose to do when it comes to the sport in general. 


Today we had four of us and we did some ropes. We don't get ropes often if at all back home so it's difficult to practice and today was a nice way to get warmed up again on the idea of doing the ropes in general. I felt good and I sent a 5.9+ for the first time which is actually pretty difficult grade. I'm not sure how accurate it is but that is ok. I will take whatever the grade seems to be. Plus I got to enjoy the wonderful view I got while we hung out and took turns. It really was a beautiful day and I felt good about getting outside and enjoying the company. I even made a new friend and I always enjoy making new friends on trips like this. It just means more options for when I come back to the state. 

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Yesterday was our last day in Arkansas and now we are on our way to Colorado. I'm not gonna lie I'm a little anxious about this next stay only because my friend's apartment complex doesn't allow guest parking and so i i ha to park on the street. Normally i would say hell no but, because i want to save some cash I decided to give it a shot. Of course that means emptying out the van and making sure all the windows are covered but i I think all in all it should be alright. 

Of course i I could also be wrong. That has happened before. I just how I'm not cause it would be nice to hangout and not have my stuff get stolen. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this goes smoothly. We're in Colorado for a few days and i can't wait to climb, hangout and just enjoy the time there. It's been almost three years since my last adventure in that direction so I'm excited to explore and see more of Colorado and what it has to offer. 

Stay tuned for more stories tomorrow. I have a lot to catch you up on.  

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