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One of my favorite things about being out in the van is the ability to step out my door and suddenly be immersed by nature. It's refreshing after a long day of working away to just step back and take in the fresh air. When Lylah and I were on the road we often would pack the van up and go for a hike. Spend a few hours in the air enjoying the scenery and getting some movement in. She loved to run ahead and sniff the trail while I slowly made my way towards our "destination". For us it was peaceful. It was a step away from the real world and all its troubles. It was a chance to breathe in the air and live this life that we were given. 


For me its always a reset to the day. I never thought that I would be traveling as much as I do, seeing the world, and enjoying my life in the way I am today. Thirteen years ago I would have thought I'd be married and have a kid or two. I pictured what every woman probably thinks of at least once in their life. A picture-perfect home with a boy and a girl running around and the love of their life by their side. I thought that I wanted that and in a few years time my mind switched completely. I decided I didn't want to go to college, get married or even have kids. I just wanted to live my life and enjoy it. I wanted to be free (in whatever capacity I could have) and finally break out of the mold that everyone falls into. At 18 I started traveling to new places, staying at campsites, and just trying to get a sense of this world I was in. Slowly I traveled more and more. I took Spice with me to a few places, showed her little bits of the world, and eventually graduated to traveling overseas a little bit and mixed in trips with my father to see wonderful places together. Before COVID started I bought my Van, adopted Lylah and,  now I travel a lot in the U.S. I did my first 8 months in the van and I took a year off of Van life to get everything situated with my job. Now I'm here again looking at another 8 month's tour in the van. Looking at all the possibilities. 


It's funny how you can change an image of your life in such a short time. I went from a very shy, reserved, and mold-ready human to a wild, adventurous, and curious human. I'm not great with people and I can be a quiet human but I love the taste of adventure. I love being out and enjoying our world while it's here and I'm so happy to have landed where I am. Every day I got to step out of my van and see a new place, was a day that I treasure with all my heart and I can't wait to do that again and share more of those moments with those I love. 


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2023-12-14 09:17 by Sarah Denninger
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Were finally at a slowdown. 

Thank god. The last month or so has been a wild ride and has been super tough to navigate. Currently, I am working two jobs and I am trying to finish one job so I can keep the other. But it's been hard with the contract I signed for this new job. It also has been tough to get used to the tech side of this new job. Basically, I am tech support for QB which is good in that it pays more and I can work from anywhere but the bad news is that I have limited hours I can work. So it's been tough. I am waiting to see if I can move my contract with them now that I am getting more comfortable.

The plan is to go back to one job by Late January which is enough time to get some extra cash with both jobs, Quit the job I no longer want, and be comfortable in my new job. Honestly, I can't wait to have one job. It's a lot to go back and forth with both of these clients that I am working with. It's putting unnecessary stress on me and it just makes me dread the day ahead most of the time. When I quit the Job I no longer want then I can go back to doing more crafty things and finally experiment with artwork again and get back on the road with Lylah. 

I'm looking forward to going back to Vegas area, Exploring more of the wonderful state of Utah, Seeing more of Idaho in the spring, and finally making my way up towards Alaska. I have big plans and I can't wait to do them all. Gimli is in for a time of his life. 


For now, here is a piece of artwork that I hope someone will want to take off my hands. 



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2023-11-16 11:06 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 11 references

Hello everyone! 

   Life has been exhausting. Currenly I am working two jobs. The one job I have been working for, for almost three years. The other I just started and it has been quite the doozy. Its a super detailed Tech support job adn I am not 100% if it ifor sure me yet. The good news is im getting paid for giving it a try which I am grateful for. The first day I started going and taking calls I was sweating with no idea what I was doing. Now when I take calls I sit there doing my best to figure it out but unsure on the solution. Its been a trail and error and I have no idea how it will play out. Im not comfortable and the classes I took for two weeks were pratically useless. It was like being thrown back in high school where they just talk and expect you to absorb that way and be all set. Im a visual and repeative learner. Meaning I have to get into the systems and have a video guide that I can use for step by step processes. 

Once I do that I get comfortable and can go from there. But this class was not like that. So im not sure how this new job will go. We will see how it turns out. If it doesnt work out I will try again with a different company. After all, not everything is for made for EVERYONE. 

With that being said I am also working on the Van, traveling on the weekends with my BF and trying to maintain some kind of life where I get out of the house. 

Its been a rollercoster. 

I will make a seperate post about what has happened with the van and the discovery we have made. Its quite good. 

For now I have art pieces that are for sale and looking for a new home. Im hoping ot make some time over the holidays to make some spraypaint work. I have been so tired recently that I just have not been wanting to get my supplies out. Hoping that I have time over Thanksgiving. 


This piece is for sale and is looking for a new home! 



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2023-11-07 09:32 by Sarah Denninger
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Life has been hectic and there is so much going on. So to make things easy here is an art piece that needs a new home. 

It has been with me for a while and I am hoping to say goodbye to it and get it out of my gallery. 

Share with others and help me let it go. 



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It's been a month since we returned from our trip, and the inevitable finally happened. 

Yesterday, as I was trimming my toenails in preparation for a weekend climbing session, something unexpected happened – one of my toenails came off. Yes, it just fell off. While I was cutting it, it unexpectedly detached, barely clinging on by a tiny piece of skin. It was both unsettling and surprising. Honestly, I had anticipated that my big toe's toenail might be the one to go, but it turned out to be the second toe on the other foot. The toenail on my left big toe is still somewhat discolored, and a portion of it has come off, but it hasn't completely disappeared, which is perfectly fine.

Fortunately, the toe itself isn't painful, and I can already see some new growth starting at the edges. I'm uncertain how long it will take, but at least there's no bleeding or oozing to worry about.

So, for anyone planning to undertake the rim-to-river trail, be prepared – you might lose a toenail or two along the way or experience some discoloration.

Nevertheless, in the end, the sacrifices were well worth it.

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