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Has anyone made any New Year resolutions? I know with covid still being a slight problem (I say slightly with tons of sarcasm) it may have put a damper on certain ideals of what we want to do for the year. I know for me it makes traveling out of the country uncertain. Yet I would love to do at least one trip out of the United States sometime soon. Peru, Switzerland, Norway, or Ireland. Any of those would be a treat and just one more place off my list. With that being said I know that I have to first get my job rolling and when that happens I can finally start saving appropriately. 

With traveling aside I do have a few resolutions that I do hope come to fruition. 

1)Move to a new state

2)get back into my normal running routine 

3) Visit one "new" country (if possible)

4) Figure out a healthy routine since I will be working from home

Those are really it. Now the moving part will be a lot but I am excited to start this chapter that I have skipped for years. I have realized it's time to stop skipping the things I want to do because If I keep doing that, I might get stuck and never move out of my comfort zone. I may never really find who I am. There are so many things that in the unknown and I am ready to take the leap and discover what else there is in this world. Being somewhere where I can live a more active lifestyle for not only me but for my fur baby as well. 

If you have any new years resolutions I hope that the year goes smoothly and you get to achieve the goals you set for yourself. It might be a struggle but never give up. We got this. 


Click here to go to my gallery to purchase a piece today. 

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2021-01-04 19:32 by Sarah Denninger
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The start of the new year has been crazy. It's been a go, go, go kind of feeling, and that isn't a bad thing but it has been taking some time to get into a swing of things. Currently, I have been working out my running schedule, climbing, my morning class, artwork, and home life. It's been a challenge but I am working it out slowly but surely. As time goes on I'm sure I will find my rhythm and get back into the swing of things. for now, all I have to offer are the pieces that I have left in my gallery. They are down below and if you are interested then click the buy now button so you can purchase it right now. 


[[Gallery image missing or removed]]
[[Gallery image missing or removed]]


Purchase one today and help me outtttttt. All purchases are appreciated and wanted. 

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The new year is close. 2021 is the year we all have been holding our breath for and I'm sure that a good amount of people are excited to put 2020 behind them but I mean, we have no idea what the next year will hold for us. It could even be worse than 2020 itself but the only way to find out is the dive right in and hope that things get better. Only two days left to go and then everything will start over. 

But with that being said I do hope everyone had a great Christmas. I know that I really enjoyed getting away and seeing my dad this year in his new home. We drove up on the 23rd and got in super late. From where we are in Florida it's an 8-hour drive and my boyfriend had to work that day so of course, we left right after he got off and made the trip up. Let me say, even though we got in in the early hours of the morning I am so glad we took the chance and drove up when we did. The news had given us a warning that on Christmas even there would be a big storm that would bring rain, snow, and possibly a freeze over. Looking at the map I noticed that the area my dad lives in was in the line of fire and that made me worry. I knew that both of our cars didn't have snow tires even though my bf had grown up in the snow and ice I wasn't feeling the chance of crashing because of black ice. So of course we made it work out and got in at a crazy hour. 

On Christmas Eve we were able to go to one of the bars and have some food before we got plastered with rain, followed by snow. I was excited because I've never had a white Christmas (or at least one that I can remember) and this was a new experience. Not only that but Lylah hadn't really been able to play in the snow all that much and I was excited for her to experience it and to have some fun. 


With the snow falling everywhere we stayed inside, played some games, watched movies, and a few drinks, and just enjoyed being warm and having a quiet but fun celebration together. It was a great time. 


Christmas day brought a white scenery that Lylah and I were ecstatic about. We went outside and she went bannanas. She ran all around, stuck her face in the snow, dug up the snow to stick her head in rabbit holes, and just gave me so much joy seeing her so happy. The husky in her is super strong and I was more than happy to give her some joy and give her a taste of what our future will have. 


I'm not going to lie, I had a lot of time this year to really think about what I need and I have had a lot of time to digest what is around me. There's a lot of things in my life that is so rocky but this little trip helped me in regrounding myself. No Matter what happens and no matter what comes in this next year I know that it's all for a reason and it's ok. It's ok to be unsure, it's ok to have the good, bad, and ugly on your doorstep. You just have to pick it up, take it as it is, and move on. 2021 might be a challenge and full of change but I think it will be ok in the end. 

Let's see what this next year will do for me. 

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Right now I'm in the works of getting to a point where I work for Disney. It's exciting but it's also a lot of work to get to that point. Right now I'm in a class that I Have to take for 30 days and it's a lot of information. I haven't been in an actual class since I was in high school and I hated school. I wanted nothing to do with it but here I am back in a classroom setting. The only difference is that I'm working from home and not sitting in a classroom at a physical school. It makes things easier since I can roll out of bed and literally go to class in the room next to our bedroom but the adjustment has been hard either way. 

Of course, I'm hopeful about how this will turn out. It's an opportunity I had been trying to get for so long and I finally have a chance to make things happen and move forward. It's exciting and it gives me hope for a better future. 

While I am working on the class I am also working on trying to sell more artwork and make more artwork. In the next week, I am hoping to have some time to pour more dirty pour pieces for you guys but while you wait for that I ask that you take a look at my gallery and see what I have in stock now. It's a little late for them to arrive for Christmas but maybe you can plan for the future for a birthday, or an anniversary or maybe a housewarming gift. SO take a look by clicking here. 

One week of this class down, many more to go. 




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Yesterday we did another podcast. Specifically a drunken podcast. I have to say I do enjoy these sessions and getting to talk and share our thoughts with you guys. Now I know our opinions may not be on par with everyone else that watches these videos but that's the whole point of these podcasts. To share and to get critiqued on everything and hear other opinions. Plus I mean, we get to drink and chat and have some fun for the evening. How can that be wrong? 

Now a quick update is that right now my job is on hold, apparently, I have to "go to school" before I can actually start working on the phone lines. Now I can't say what is going on per our agreement with this company but its a lot to take in and its a little frustrating but I'm gonna stick it out and keep my fingers crossed that this isn't a waste of time. 

While I am going through this class I hope you guys will continue to support me. That even means subscribing, keeping an eye out for videos, and purchasing art pieces. All purchases help and are greatly appreciated. 

Cheers to a hopeful future with this company and being able to work from home. 


The art gallery is here. Click to go there now 

This is a new piece and it is quite a looker. ITs on a piece of wood and is more than easy to hang up on a picture hanger. It would stand out in anybody's home. Go purchase it today. 


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