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Over the weekend we finally went out and did some outdoor climbing. Georgia opened up the parks in the state and that meant we could finally go out and get our climb on. It honestly was amazing. The group was pretty big and we all were feeling the need to get back on the rock and to get ourselves moving. It was thrilling and exciting and the weather was pretty perfect for the weekend. Of course with us going out and climbing it also meant that I had to go ahead and bring the camera gear to get some shots so I figured I would share those with you.

To be honest they were pretty freaking perfect and I loved being able to take them. Of course, that meant that there weren't really any photos of me but in the end, that was ok. I just was glad to be outside enjoying the amazing weather we had. 




Thank you guys for the support and for being amazing. I also sell art pieces on the side and would appreciate anybody who decides to purchase one. Right now things aren't looking good for unemployment so it's getting a little rocky. Purchasing one also means it would help me downsize a little bit more and we also need to do that at the moment. 

If your interested Click here to check all that I have on sale. Thanks

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This whole transition has been interesting not only for me but also for Spice. So far she has learned that my bf and I's room is the safe place to be and the rest is unknown territory. Basically our half of the apartment is known along with the kitchen but the rest has to be walked on eggshells. She has also decided that my bf's roommate is an oddity and that she has to stand up to him at all times. We will be chilling in the room when we hear a series of hissing followed by some growling and sometimes we go save him but in the end, they both have to get used to each other. Saving our roommate each time delays that. 

Were a little over a week of living here and its been quite a lot for her to take in. I think she still has this idea that we will be leaving soon and that this is only temporary. Little does she know that we have to move again in about a month and a half. That will really throw her for a loop. 

But the good side of this is that she likes my bf and she has decided that the window near the lava lamp is her favorite place to be. After all, it is the area where she can sunbathe. So just as a little pick me up in these times I want to post these cute photos of her for you guys to look at and say Awwww at. 

She just is so damn cute I Can never get enough of her. Life without her would be so boring. 

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It looks like you guys have been following along on my Colombia Youtube journey and it has been amazing to see the growth as time goes on Its been slow but that is totally ok considering the kind of content that I post. With COVID happening I have been able to get my videos out and make sure that you guys are getting updates almost every week. I have one more video to post and after that, I will start talking to you guys about my experiences and sharing with you my thoughts on the country itself, places I have visited, and give you an estimate of what I spent while I was over there. 

While you guys wait for those videos to start rolling gout I ask that you check out the other videos that I have posted from Colombia. They will all be down below. Two of my friends are also in the videos so if you see unfamiliar faces that is them. They invited me on this trip and I am glad that they went with me or I would have been so lost over there on my own. 

So check them out now and make sure to subscribe to get more content. I have plenty to post. 

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2020-05-06 12:27 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 55 references

I've never lived in an apartment before now and its a struggle for me. I think it's because COVID is in place and there isn't anything to do so, of course, this small space is starting to make me slightly claustrophobic. Luckily in Florida, they reopened the beaches so we have been going there quite often to get out our pent up energy and of course, to drink. All of our friends in this area are aware of the virus but in all honesty, most of us are over it and are waiting to go back to our normal-ish lives. My gym is even ready to open back up now that we have finished painting, cleaning, organizing, and so on. We even had a staff party and got to climb the routes we set up in the gym. 

It's been nice to have this lull in life but it also is starting to make me antsy and I'm ready. I want to go back to work and I want to be able to see people, interact with them, and enjoy the life I so dearly love. I'm planning to still try to travel in August so for me, it's a whole game to be just waiting around for something to happen and for me to get the green light. 

We all thought 2020 would be full of fun adventures and explorations. Sadly the world has decided to do some stupid things and make us all stand still for a while. Im already over it. 

How are you guys doing during this lockdown? Are you staying sane? Long walks? Camping? 


I also have art pieces for sale so click here and check them out. All purchases are appreciated and help me during this strange time. 

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2020-05-02 13:51 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 20 references

Yesterday somebody bought my space awaits piece and it makes me so happy that another one is going to another home. In total, I have about fourteen pieces left for sale. Down below are some of the pieces that are smaller and would get to your home quicker than the others that I have for sale right now. Check them out and see if any peak your interest. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]
[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

If your ant to see all of my artwork click here to go check them out now. 

All purchases will help me with my future travels and yes I am still planning to travel. IN august I have a trip to Peru and after that, I am going west for a few months to check it out and find somewhere I like to settle down for a few years before making a decision on staying west or going back east. There are so many places to see and so many cool places left to explore. I appreciate any and all support during this time. 

Thank you guys so much and make sure to also check out my Youtube channel and give it support. I appreciate you guys and look forward to hearing from some of you. 

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