Broken Window incident
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2023-10-12 08:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Broken Window incident

I'm sure there are a few of you who have already read about what happened in Albuquerque but in case you haven't let me go ahead and fill you in. 

While on the way back from the Grand Canyon my Dad and I had decided to stop at a Dunkin on our way back East. The closest one from the Interstate was one in town. It was a ten-minute detour and we made our way to the Dunkin. Getting our elixir we got back in our vehicles and started back on the road. Not even twenty minutes into this drive my driver's side window broke. While driving at least 40 to 50 mph in a 4-lane. 

Naturally, my reaction was to duck down and step on the break. I Slumped in the driver seat as glass spilled everywhere I looked around bewildered by what just happened. Mind you I have been through a lot of near-death experiences and heart attacks from the van since I bought it but this incident went near the top in heart attacks. 

While driving this massive vehicle I managed to not Crash into anybody and I did look around after a minute of letting my heartbeat in my chest along with widespread panic of looking around at other cars (and in my rearview mirror). All the cars behind me seemed to be aware something happened as the glass fell from the window and into the street as well as down my shirt and pants. After the initial 60-second panic I texted my Dad letting him know "My window just broke" followed by another thought to just call him. He was in front of me when this happened so he had no idea and when he picked up I tried my best to tell him that the window just exploded while keeping a slow pace and an eye on the last remaining pieces that were hanging in the window. 

Mind you if I was alone I would never have pulled over anywhere in that city. I would have kept going panicking at an all-time high and just hoped nothing else happened. But with someone else there and the fact that I felt the glass scraping my skin, we found somewhere to pull off. There was a casino parking lot with security around. We pulled into the lot and a guy came around in a golf cart and checked in on us to see what was going on. My Dad told him what happened and he relaxed some and called the inside of the Casino while we cleaned up. he then asked if we needed anything and after I settled some more we told him we were good and he left us to the task. 

After some time passed we had cleaned up the van the best we could and I stripped down to get rid of the glass that was against my skin. After that, we rigged a towel where the window was and started our way back on the road. I'm not going to lie that drive felt like an eternity. We were going to the Big Texan in Alamo and while Alamo is garbage and I had a broken window I said **** it and knew I needed a steak and drink after this incident. 

For four hours I drove replaying what happened. Trying to remember what I saw but I came to the conclusion that it wasn't anything physical I saw but I did HEAR the impact before the shatter. It wasn't a gun but a hard object of some kind. It hit the window and bounced away causing the window to wobble before it busted. It's unmistakable what it looks like when it gets a wave-like look from a high impact. 

For the next part of the 16-hour drive, I slept a total of five to six hours in between drives after that. We pulled into a rest area with Truck Drivers and I stayed in the middle of them. I trust truck drivers more than anyone on the road when it comes to sleeping arrangements. They don't fool around and they SEE everything. 

I made it home safely and we managed to get the window replaced. I haven't done any investigating in the van just yet but I do plan to look around while I work on things just to make sure I didn't miss something. Of course, If I find anything it will be reported and my assumptions will be updated but for now, I think it was an object that was thrown at me NOT shot at me (like a bullet) and that is an important distinction. 

I also would like to point out that I don't think this is from me driving a "van" and that it made me a target. I think that they saw a young person driving and probably tried to take advantage of a high panic situation hoping I would pull over or crash so they could rob my vehicle. Of course that did not happen so they lost that day. I do believe in Karma and I do believe it's coming for them in 100 fold and the universe will give it back to them. 

So I grant the universe permission to do as it pleases with whoever tried that stunt. Good luck to you stranger. Karmas is a bitch. 

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