Long Day, Happy Birthday, Six Miles
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2018-10-20 06:42 by Sarah Denninger
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Long Day, Happy Birthday, Six Miles

Im about to pull a long day. Like a long, long day. Last year right around this time I did my very first half marathon. It was not only an eye opener to what I am capable of but it was also something that made me realize how powerful I am. Not only as a women but also as a person. I can run a half marathon and for me that was absolutely insane. Today though I am doing only half that milage. Six miles. Honestly I am thinking that I must be crazy because I am going to do that and then right when i'm done i'm taking off to go to work. 


Today I work a normal nine to five and once I get off I go home to then shower at my house and get ready for my boyfriend's Birthday Dinner. Not only that but its with this parents. Now I have met them before but it still is a pretty pressuring thing to do. I only say that because by the time I get to that point i'm not sure i'm going to be still alive but hey, that's what coffee is for. It will be a coffee chuging marathon and it will be quite the site to see. 

Once dinner is completed we are going back to my job so I can treat him to some of the best ice cream around and some home made waffle cones. Its a complete cycle and one that I am sure will be fulfilling in the end. Right now though it sounds crazy. But here I am, going to do everything I can to make this day awesome. 

So Happy Birthday D and wish me luck as I take on the day so I can then met up with you.  

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