Rover and what I have learned
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2019-12-05 13:21 by Sarah Denninger
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Rover and what I have learned

As some of you may know I have started working through Rover. Rover is an app where you can have people watch your dogs, watch your house, or both. You can even ask for someone to just stop by to walk your dogs and play with them while you are away for the day. The first time I used it I was unsure about how things would go considering that I had never used it before. SO as a precaution, I sent the address that I was going to my boyfriend just in case if something did happen and he didn't hear from me in a certain time frame. As it turns out the lady was super nice and things worked out well. The dogs were super well behaved, the house was super nice and clean and she provided everything I needed to be comfortable. As a bonus for her letting me stay and take care of her precious fur babies I left her a USB with all the photos I took of her precious dogs. 



She ended up giving me a 5-star review and told me that she would be hiring me again if she needed someone to watch the house and dogs again. Honestly, that makes me super happy and I feel honored that she would want me to watch them again. 

Right now I am watching other guys dogs but instead of staying at his place I am just dropping by three times a day to check on them, let them play, feed them and just tire them out. Now, these dogs are not as well behaved. They don't know commands as well but it seems that one of them has the gist of certain things I say. I'm not a huge fan of dogs that don't behave as well since it usually is harder to watch them and to be around them. They want to jump on you, they want to take whatever they want to chew on, typically they run off and don't come back and of course, it's difficult to judge what is the right call when it comes to discipline since dogs like that don't typically understand when you are upset with them. 

This one is only for a few days though and for that, I will gladly put up with the way they behave so that I can get the extra cash. I'm hoping that I may be able to use this to expand my way of making money and maybe use it as I travel around. So If you have pets and I end up in your state for a little while let me know and I will gladly watch your pets while you are away. 

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