Plans falling together
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2020-01-18 13:44 by Sarah Denninger
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Plans falling together

The thing about being someone who loves to travel is trying to figure out where to go next. Once I have my trailer I have decided to somewhere between four to six months on the road and then come back to work for the rest of the year. This way I have a balance of income and I get my love for traveling. Really the idea came from a friend of mine who did the same thing for about ten years of his life. He did seven months of travel and five months of nonstop working. It made sense when I thought about it. He lived simply and got to see everything he wanted to see. When he was done he would come back and work the hours until he had enough to go back out and see more of this amazing world we live in. 

Of course, I don't know if it will work out. We won't have an idea of how it is until I set out for my first round. The reason I decided to try this plan though was because of my boyfriend. He needs to work a real job that gives him real hours. Basically he needs money because of debts and he wants to build a real career. I support him and his decision but I don't really have anything that I want to pursue full time. I don't have a job in mind that requires my full attention. I just want to see the world. 

Right now I'm looking for trailers and setting up a plan of where I want to go first. I'm thinking of going back out west. Seeing Oregon, Seattle, Colorado, all those states. I'm not sure what I want to see in these states but I think it would be fun to explore them and see if one of them would be my next moving destination. I definitely know that I want to go somewhere I haven't been to before. I want to see more then what I have. 

Plans are slowly coming together and when they are complete I will share them with you guys. It really does seem like things are finally fitting together. 


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