Art from Colombia!
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2020-03-17 13:27 by Sarah Denninger
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Art from Colombia!

While in Colombia we got to see a ton of street art. It was such a sight to see and it honestly made me super happy to see all this creativity everywhere. You would leave your hostel, turn around and everywhere you looked people had put up so many amazing pieces. Owls, flowers, people taking baths, people smoking, and etc. It was on every block, it was on every corner, every public place. It was amazing. Just to make you guys feel some happiness I'm gonna post some of that street art on here so that you guys can have a smile on your face while you dealing with this "situation" that we are in. Whether you are in quarantine, at work, or just mad at the world for blowing this ups that you can't do anything, just remember that there are still good things out there. There are still people being creative and sharing that with others. 

So here you go. Check out some of these amazing pieces I was able to capture. 



I hope you guys are doing ok during this outbreak from the virus. Please be safe and remember that everything will be ok. It will take time but eventually, this will calm down and everything will resume. For now, take care of yourself and just do the best you can to keep it together during these hard times. 

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