This little piggy went to the market
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2020-03-19 13:46 by Sarah Denninger
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This little piggy went to the market

Last night I had an experience. I went out on a run. I had been home for a few days and I was ready to get out and run as hard as I could, just to see what my time would be back in a place with little to no elevation. The weather was perfect as I started my way out. Now the sun had set and I was just doing a route that I knew pretty well. I knew where all the potholes were, I knew where the curve in the road started and ended, and I knew when to speed up and slow down in my run. So I got going. It was steady and it felt so good to just let out some energy. As I was running I saw this light thing on the road. I maneuvered so that I wouldn't hit it and guess what happened. 

I hit it

With my pinky toe. 

At first, I thought that was fine. Usually, I hit things, I maneuver quickly so I don't fall on my face and I keep going. Usually, a little faster to counteract the fact that I just slowed down some. I took three extra steps and I felt something pop. The pain was immediate and I stopped my watch. The feeling was not normal and I was sure that something was wrong. I limped into this driveway and sat down. I wear the five finger toe shoes so it was interesting getting the shoe off when your pinky toe is screaming in pain. I got the shoe off, turned my flashlight and I saw my toe was swollen. I couldn't tell though if it was because I just hit something or if it was from the running. I did some tests to see how it felt. I couldn't bend it a little and if I put pressure on it with my fingers it felt fine. Nothing was sticking up or felt out of place. 

So I put the shoe back on and stood up. I maneuvered my foot and there was one movement where I was in a huge amount of pain. Holy Shi*. I stopped and took the shoe off again. I looked at it and nothing was out of place. Again putting the shoe on I continued on my way. At first, it hurt but after a few strides the pain was put in the back of my mind and I managed the run. The tight turns I take on my runs became wide awkward turns but that was ok. I still got my three miles in so I felt good for getting some sweat on. 

Once I was back at my house I sat on the front porch and took my shoes off. The toe started slowly hurting again. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was broken and even now I think it is broken but I won't know for sure for a few more days. It's super swollen, it hurts in certain positions and I can barely wiggle it, if at all. Truth be told I have never broken anything before so for me, this is brand new territory. I'll let you all know how it is after a few days but for now all you need to know is that it hurts. Like really hurts so you best believe on this day off I will be having some anti-inflammatories and alcohol to help my out. 

What a wonderful way to welcome me back home. 

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