Climbing Photography
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2020-05-11 15:44 by Sarah Denninger
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Climbing Photography

Over the weekend we finally went out and did some outdoor climbing. Georgia opened up the parks in the state and that meant we could finally go out and get our climb on. It honestly was amazing. The group was pretty big and we all were feeling the need to get back on the rock and to get ourselves moving. It was thrilling and exciting and the weather was pretty perfect for the weekend. Of course with us going out and climbing it also meant that I had to go ahead and bring the camera gear to get some shots so I figured I would share those with you.

To be honest they were pretty freaking perfect and I loved being able to take them. Of course, that meant that there weren't really any photos of me but in the end, that was ok. I just was glad to be outside enjoying the amazing weather we had. 




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