Sorry for the delay
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2020-05-26 12:02 by Sarah Denninger
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Sorry for the delay

Hello everybody! 

I am sorry for not posting anything these past few days. It has been a crazy time. Going back to work, climbing again, and managing everything in between has been quite the hassle. It's not bad but it is a lot to take in and figure out. Before COVID I had a routine that made the balance almost perfect but with about two months of "rest" and "quarantine", I have lost all sense of direction. So it has been slow to get back to where I need to be to manage everything. As they say slow and steady wins the race. Of course I am unsure of how true that would be but I'm gonna roll with it. 

Some good news,  with everything, finally settling into place and a week of work now under my belt I can finally start making Youtube videos again. I've been writing down things from Colombia that I learned and I am ready to put in the grind and give you all the information I gathered. In case you guys also haven't heard I am going to Peru in August. Well I am trying to go. I have the ticket all that is left is to wait and see what happens. I think by that time everything will be calmed down enough for us to go. I'm pretty pumped and we are narrowing down our itinerary so that we don't get overwhelmed by everything. 

There are so many things to do and see and I am way to ready for all of this. Once traveling is back in order I am so ready to just take off. Life is crazy when you really just do what you want and not listen to everybody else.


Someone also bought another piece from me which is super exciting because that means....One more is gone! I never thought I would be this happy to say goodbye to the artwork but in all honesty I am trying to narrow it down so that things are easier for when we move again in about a month. 

Ah Yes we are moving again, not far but it is something I am dreading no matter what. 

So I am one step closer to being out of stock but fear not, that doesn't mean that I won't have more for you guys to purchase later on. Right now I just can't make any of my wonderful pieces of art because of where I live. My art is messy, it needs to have space, and requires certain materials I do not have here. 

Hopefully at this new place I will be able to make more art and get the ball rolling again. Until then I just ask that you guys see what I have now and help me say goodbye to all of my artwork. It is much appreciated. 

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