Video is in process
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2020-05-29 16:16 by Sarah Denninger
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Video is in process

Right now I am working on my next video. I did a couple of trial runs but it is not quite ready for you guys to hear. I'm hoping to refine the podcast and get it up by tomorrow afternoon so that you all can start getting information on what happened in Colombia and what you should do when you make your down there. Of course, right now it is not possible to do that but I hope it will be useful in the future when we are able to travel again. 

As I am working on the podcast I will say that I will do one episode where I talk about what happened with the coronavirus and how that affected us on our travels over there. That episode in particular will be an interesting one to cover but it will be a necessary one. I want to share all the details I can and in this current time, we are still "going through" this pandemic. So it is only right that I share details on what we experienced with this in effect. 

For now, though I ask that you check out my other videos I posted from when we were in Colombia. They are quite fun to watch. The latest one is down below. Enjoy!

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