Getting it fixed
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2021-06-19 13:57 by Sarah Denninger
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Getting it fixed

With my rescue, I felt an immediate sense of relief....well after we got through traffic on the way back. It was insane and honestly, it was giving us both a bit of stress just because people were not paying attention and were in a hurry trying to get places in an area where you can't really go anywhere. so really we are just revving our cars for 10 feet of space. AS you can imagine it was not my immediate favorite thing but it was better than being stranded in a GMC parking lot. 

Arriving at the house we settled and during this time I was being a total pain in the ass to my job which was definitely not being helpful at the time with this issue. I was supposed to work that evening but being stranded there wasn't any way that I could get a hardwired connection to do ANY kind of work and yet I was getting crap for something I had no control over. I was not guaranteed an excuse for those hours so as expected I kept giving my work **** about this. When you're stranded that is a real emergency. There isn't anything you can do. We're not in times where I can have a wifi connection in my van (yet) and just work away anywhere.

Giving them a full stink and settling I made sure to let my friend know that I was grateful for her making the trip. She told me over and over it was ok and that it wasn't a big deal but I still couldn't help but thank her over and over again for a roof over my head and AC. Plus she had a puppy that I just could not help but adore and Lylah loved him instantly. 

With the immediate crazy behind me, I took the night to try to relax and not think about the crime crate in Pueblo. 

The next day I got up and I got to work. I snuggled with the puppy and waited for the news on my transmission. With a few calls, I was able to get in touch with them, and right off the bat, the lady sounded like she was unsure of a time frame for the vehicle. Furious and knowing that was my only way of transportation I gave her an earful. I told her that I needed her to give me a timeframe because I was not from Colorado and I needed it now. There wasn't any way I was going to be stranded in Colorado for a week while they played around and took as much time as they wanted. Understanding but still unsure she told me she would try to look at it as soon as possible and then hung up. 

Unsatisfied and with no answers I went to work. 

Turns out when you yell at people and tell them that you need answers now that people respond differently. A few hours go by and she tells me that they were able to look at it and tell me what is wrong. She tells me that the transmission is done and that it has burned fluid and pieces of metal inside so the gearbox is done and needs to be replaced. After that, she gives me two options. One where she tells me she that she can get the transmission the next day or the one where she can hold off and put the transmission in at a later day since it will take the normal 2-5 days for it to come in. After consulting with my dad we decided to give them a week to get the transmission fixed and of course, I was upset about the price. I know it's a new transmission and they are expensive but in terms of cash and a trip that was supposed to be two weeks I was very unhappy about the whole ordeal. 

Admitting defeat we told her what we wanted and they started the process. It would be done on Monday and we would be back to get it before close. All I had to do was wait for my dad's arrival to help with getting to the race and back 



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