Wolf Creek Snowboarding
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2023-02-09 09:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Wolf Creek Snowboarding

A little over a week ago I met up with my ol man and we hit the slopes in Wolf Creek. If you are not familiar with this magical place and you like to ride you should get acquainted. It's in the southern part of Colorado and it is beautiful. Cold but beautiful. 

For three days we hit the slopes and after three years of not riding a snowboard, I finally got back on one. The first time I rode a snowboard was in uber Gatlinburg and it was a disaster. It was icy, with very little powder, and I just kept falling hard. Every time I tried to get back up I kept falling and hurting myself. Either on my face or my back and I never really got to stand up for long. It was frustrating but I kept trying. I wanted so badly to just love it and I didn't want to give up. 

After that experience, I remember being extremely bruised. I had a hard time walking and it was a real struggle. I did my best but sometimes, even when we try out best, it turns out to be terrible. For me it was that way for the first real experience on a board but I never gave up hope. 

The second time I was able to get on a board I was in New York and I was actually able to stay standing I worked on being able to stop on my heels and slowly work on how to move back and forth. I hardly fell and I felt confident. Sadly though, my ex-boyfriend at the time was being controlled and didn't want me to go on the slopes without him (and he had zero experience on a board and refused to take classes or be alone) and because of that I never got on the slopes to work on my skills. 

This time around that was not the case. Once we got to Wolf Creek I got my rentals and hit the bunny hill to see how it felt after three years. In less than an hour I had the maneuvers back. I was able to stop and move from side to side. With confidence and a little bit of nerves, Dad and I went up the Raven lift and he showed me one of the greens. That first day I only worked on the greens. It was mostly to get the feel back and to try and remember how to do this sport. It's very difficult but so much fun. 


On the second day, I tried different variations of greens and worked on my speed, and tried to work on my toe slide since I was feeling a little unsure about it. The heel was perfect and I felt good with that movement but the toe...not so much. After a few hours, my Dad talked me into trying a blue route. I waited till he wasn't around and then went for it. Surprisingly the moment wasn't too difficult and I felt like I was able to actually do that route without much trouble. Sure Im slower than most boarders but I felt good nonetheless. 

On the third and final day, I went into the boarding shop and the guy decided to let me try a different board out. He was kind and basically gave me a free upgrade for the regular price. It was a sofun Sims board with a twin shape. I had no idea what I was getting into but I am so glad I said yes. That day we only warmed up on one green route and then the rest was blues. With being able to work on the blue routes I was able to even go up to the espresso bar at the summit and have a delicious warm beverage and that was mostly the goal before I left. I had to get to that bar and be able to make it down without falling on my face and believe it or not...I did just that. 

I was able to get up there and get down without any issues and I ran multiple runs and hardly fell. The board from Sims was amazing and I loved it so much that I'm looking to invest. I'm hoping to hit the slopes a lot more next season and try other resorts and work on my skills. Of course, with that being said I will be back in Wolf Creek. This place was fabulous and I can understand why people love it there. The runs are super long, the people are friendly, and the snow is AH-MAZ-ING. 

If anybody has any suggestions of good places to board let me know. Ill write them down and next season hopefully I will be able to check them out. 

Who knows, maybe ill even see some of you all out on the slopes this next go around. 

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