Which are you?
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2017-09-02 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Which are you?

Have you ever taken a quiz to see if you’re an extrovert or an introvert? I have. I’ve taken lots and lots of those online quizzes and every time they tell me that I am in the middle. They call that an ambivert. Now for those of you that don’t know what each of those are, let me give you a definition. 

(These definitions are from google BTW) 

Introvert: A shy, reticent Person

Extrovert: An outgoing, overtly expressive person

Ambivert: A person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features. 

Now that we have some definitions let me just go into saying that I do show both sides of these definition. When I was younger I was more of an introvert and as I have grown up I have settled with being an ambivert. Of course being in the middle does have its downsides more than upsides. As someone who shares both sides, let me break this down. For most people that are introverts (not all but most that I have interacted with) its hard to interact with the general public on most days. Just being out at the movies is enough to exhaust them and their true love is their home. They love being alone, spending time reading or writing (or other activities they enjoy) and just enjoy the time to recharge themselves. For me I show this side more often than not. I get annoyed for long periods of time and it’s hard to control that annoyance level. I do wish that I didn’t get so mentally exhausted with other people but it happens a lot. Sometimes I just cant deal with people being stupid or taking my time. Really it’s a side of me I don’t like very much and I wish that I could control it better but, unfortunately I haven’t reached that stage where I can control who I take the annoying side of me out on.

As for my extrovert side I will say that when something sparks it sticks with me for a few days. I want to party, drink, sometimes just hangout somewhere with friends and for a while I am a different person. My energy is pretty high at these times and I sometimes throw people off guard with this side of me. I become open and I want to be in everyone’s space. I want to know everything that I missed and I just get real personal. Sometimes I want to be out for days and not return home. When these happen I try to take advantage of it. These little spells come and go like the wind. One day I may be energetic and ready to take on the day and the next day ill wake up just wanting to be away from most people I may see on a daily basis. 

Sometimes having both sides is a real both and can really make someone’s day hard. It can even make you look like a cold hard bitch to some and an amazing person with a huge personality to others. I think for most that see one side and not the other they just assume that’s the way I am all the time. Sadly it makes most friendships confusing and it makes fights occur. Really it’s a pain but it is also something that I am working on. Being stuck in the middle really can make someone tired and that happens a lot with me. 

So tell me, Do you know which one of these you are? 


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