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2017-09-05 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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There are a few things that I like to collect. Of course I’m not one of those people who just has one kind of collection. I have several of them and for me they become a part of my lifestyle. After I threw out 3/4th's of my room I realized what types of things I liked to keep around me. Really its little things here and there with a few collections that are bigger in size. Really I try and stay away from big items that could become a hassle later on. I don’t know where I want to live and I don’t want to have too much to carry or transport. 

One of the few things that I collect is buttons. My car is filled with them and I think they make me stand out. I’ve gotten quite a few people who come to my car and just look at it. After all the buttons inside are very visible to others eyes. The nice thing about collecting buttons is that they can be entertaining to you and your passengers. For me it’s more of representing where I have been and the things I think about on almost a daily basis. It’s fun to have that moment where you can look up and make all your troubles go away. The buttons are also a way of speaking to my friends and family who sit inside my car. Most like to start conversations that way. 


The other fun thing I collect is bumper stickers. I won’t say that the whole back of the car is full of them but I can slowly collecting. I have some that share places I have been and others that have sayings on them. One of my favorites is "my life is best described as that moment you lose your car in the parking lot". That has happened to me so many times and I also understand the feeling very well. Every once in a while I will catch someone in my mirror that’s reading my stickers while we sit in traffic. It’s always fun to see how people are reacting to them and I enjoy making someone's day. 

Of course there are other things that I collect. Some of the others is butterflies, CD's, Studio Ghibli movies, Coins, and knives. Those are a few that are around my room and I honestly love collecting all of them. They each speak to me and they each interest me in some way. I’m a very diverse person and I love being able to show that to others. 

What are some items you like to collect? 


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