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2017-09-08 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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One of my friends is getting married next year. Ive known him since High school and really he’s the only person who I still talk to and respect. I still see him as one of my best friends. Really he's been so kind to me and has helped me through quite a bit. When he still lived in the area we hung out every now and then. We had our share of fun times and good conversations. Really I could see something in him that I wish I had. He had the ability to keep moving forward and keep trying to find someone to be with for the rest of his life. He’s one of those people who loves with his entire being and even if someone hurt him or broke his heart he always bounced back and kept marching onward. 

 (We got tattoos together last time we saw each other and this was the tattoo he got)

I wish I had that ability. 

I do admire him and I miss him dearly. It’s crazy how time passes. For me it became an eye opener. It’s been two years since I last saw him and in that amount of time he got a girlfriend, got engaged and is now planning his own wedding. Of course I’ve been invited to the wedding and I already plan to go there to celebrate with this amazing man. I think the person he's marrying is incredibly lucky and I am glad that he met someone who makes him happy. He deserves someone else’s love and devotion and I know that she can provide him with that. 


I wish him all the happiness that his marriage will provide and I hope that he accomplishes all his dreams. Im sure the wedding will be a blast (just like his sister's wedding that I also attended) and I can't wait to witness it and get pictures of the event. 

Good job Aye Aye, I’m glad that you found someone to love you and someone who makes you happy. I hope your marriage is filled with blessings and lasts forever. 


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