We are Off!
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2017-09-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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We are Off!

Hello Hello! 

   So today is the big day! The day that we set out on our adventure to Canada. We are all packed up and ready for the adventure ahead. We have many stops planned and I know we will have many stories to share with you all. To be honest were over packing a little bit due to our lack on knowledge on how Canadian weather is this time of year but hey that’s ok, we decided to add in an laundry stop somewhere on our adventure so we packed only half of what we originally thought we needed. In any case we are both excited and a little nervous as we embark on this new and unknown territory. 

Also, I will be able to drink legally while we are on this adventure. That on its own changes the game completely and by the time I return back home I will be official legal age. So strange how this is turning out. There are so many things planned and I have so many adventures planned, I just can’t wait to share them with you all on here and on my YouTube channel. 

For now you guys should go subscribe and check out my other videos. There isn’t much on there but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a look. 

Once we return from Canada there will be two videos posted. One with information on how much we spent while we were gone and another with a music video type style to show you guys the places that we went to and what we experienced while we were gone. This is going to be a nice experience for us both and I think it’s fun that we get to go on this adventure together. It will definitely be a memory that we both will cherish. 

Be ready for lots of pictures, videos, and stories. 

And We are Off! 



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