Hand Tattoo
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2017-09-17 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Hand Tattoo

So I recently went and got a tattoo done. Yes, yes I know, I made a post a few days earlier called "The Itch" and yes I did succumb to the need and desire of this itch. I wasn't expecting it and quite honestly I asked my tattooist to do it at the last possible minute. It was the only time off and the others were me working or packing. With this in mind I texted him and asked if he had an available spot open for me to get this tattoo done. He said that he would find a spot for me but it would have to be after his last client. I told him that I could work with anything he gave me and that I was pretty easy to work with. Quickly we made a time and a plan and from there I proceeded to move along the week. I went from work, to home and packed while playing with my new GoPro. All in all I was pretty excited but I also had to do...well you know....adult things.

So when the time rolled around for me to go to the tattoo shop I realized that I wasn't very nervous about this tattoo. I don't know why. Usually im one of those clients that always is sweating buckets, moving around a lot, and just trying to calm myself for this new addition to my skin. Normally that's how it works but this time I felt so at home and calm about the experience. While I was waiting in the front room for my tattooist to get done with his client these three kids come into the shop. They look like they are in the ninth grade my a little older and they seem in awe of the space. They look around, check out the piercings and are talking among themselves. There conversation goes from questions like

"I wonder if I can get a piercing now?" to "I wonder how much tattoos cost"

And of course i'm trying to mind my own business but I can’t help myself. I’m just thinking of all these snide comments I could give to them and yet I know that it wouldn't do any good. They obviously don't know much when it comes to tattooing or piercings and from looking at them I could tell that they are one of those people who talk about it but never do it. So I stepped aside to another portion of the room while one of the guys in the shop came out and gave them a lengthy explanation on how the shop works and so on and so on. Eventually I think the guy lost them because they seemed to go quiet and after the guy was done explaining they left.

I know that there are people who have never gotten a piercing or a tattoo and they don't have that type of knowledge but it just set something off in me that made all the endless commentary in my head go off. I couldn't stop myself from smirking and laughing a little under my breath. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

So finally my turn comes up, the paperwork done, the drawing all ready, the set up pretty much good to go. I get in the back, my tattooist and I talk for a bit and we make sure that the stencil is all set and we just jump right into it. There was no countdown, no warning, just Bam were doing it. Something about getting my hands tattooed just doesn't bother me. It’s the one tattoo that I could watch happen and not be grinding my teeth. THe pain level was at least a five if not less and quite honestly he was done in half an hour. The work looks amazing and i was grateful that did it at the last second.

So if you do decide to get a tattoo or piercing, just remember that everyone's pain tolerance is different and if you feel siked out because someone told you how bad it was, well don’t listen. It’s not going to be the same for you. Everybody has a different tolerance so don’t be afraid. Go and get it done ad enjoy every bit of it.

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