Canada: Day 1 Car Sickness
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2017-09-20 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Canada: Day 1 Car Sickness

There are quite a few things that Came to mind when we started this trip to Canada. 

1: Holy **** its cold outside

2: Irma is coming our way and is it appropriate to leave when a hurricane is literally going up our state?

3: Its really happening. 

All these things came to mind when we started this trip. Really it was also filled with images of me being plastered while we were in Canada and that gave me a good laugh. Really though the first two days were quite a spectical on my part. The unfortunate part of this whole thing is that my Dad's care makes me motion sick after a period of time. Once it starts it lasts hours on end and wont go away unless if you pull over and let me move about for five minutes. Really its such a pain in the ass and it makes me grumpy as hell. On top of that it ruins my appetite. So of course the first day were driving I decided that we should get Olive Garden for dinner. It was right near the hotel we were staying at and hey, why not? So we agreed that we would stop there, get the salad and the bread sticks with a side of aflredo to dip the bread sticks in and tit all sounds amazing. 

Yet there's one problem. What is that you may ask. My stomach. My stomach was not in for the whole food process and really I think the motion sickness and me not doing much besides sitting in a car for ten hours really makes me wanna not eat. Yet I wanted this damn Olive Garden. So I stick with it, we go through the drive with me sleeping on and off and of course listening to music. The last hour of the drive I get my shoes on and I make sure nothing expensive is visible. Wouldn't want any robbers to think our car is worth anything. Then we would really have a fun time. 

So the hour goes by, we get to the Olive Garden and we get inside. The place is mostly empty and they have an hour before they close. Usually I don't go to places when they are so close to closing hour but, today was not the day for me to play it safe and save the kitchen trouble. So we walk in, get a table and place our order. Immediately I realize that I may have gotten more then I can eat and yet I decided to try anyway to consume my food. We get the salad and the breadsticks and that goes down easy. We talk and wait for a bit and then our food comes out. Little did I realize that my stomach decided to stop wanting food. Like right then and there. So I scrape and pick up little things from my food. I really tried and I honestly wasn't expecting all of this craziness to prevent me from eating my whole meal. I mean it had been a year since we had been to an Olive Garden and for me it was a time to enjoy everything that they had to offer. Sadly though my experience was cut short and I had to take a box of food with me. 

So here's a question for you. Do you ever get car sick? 


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