Addicted already
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2018-05-09 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Addicted already

I can say that I loved my very first experience over at 9Round. In case you don’t know 9Round is a 30 minute kickboxing workout class. You pay monthly and they have personal trainers there to help push you to get the best possible workout and meet your goals. Personally I have always wanted to do a kickboxing class and when they said they were opening one near me I knew that I had to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. 

For as long as I can remember I have always been aware of people around me and I always felt like people were watching me. So for me this was a step that I knew that I needed to take and wanted to take. 

Once they announced that they were finally opening the gym I made sure to check their hours, give myself enough sleep and get up early in the morning to attend one of their morning classes. Once I was up I drove over, found the gym and walked in. Immediately I was greeted and directed to where I sign in and get my gloves. They asked me if I wanted white, pink or black gloves. I chose black because that is one of my colors. They had me write my name on them and then gave me a pair of wraps. After that I got my personal card to put on my key chain and then I got instructions on how to put the wraps on. 

Once I was ready to go they jumped right into the workout and started with the jump rope. Now I Haven’t done a jump rope since I was in middle school so it definitely took some getting used to. From there we did wall jumps, and some rounds on the bag. After that we moved to upper cuts and jabs. Then the legs which was a lunge/kick and jumping jacks. 

The entire experience was so awesome and after the first few rounds I totally forgot that there were other people there and just focused on doing the workouts. It was a little rough but I highly enjoyed it and I could feel myself getting the full body workout. I was sweating and I love it when I sweat a lot. I know that I am doing something to work my body and I know that I am doing what I can to make myself better and stronger. 

By the time it was over I felt complete and I knew right there that this was worth the money. Running and 9Round.

This is going to be one interesting experience and I can’t wait to see my results. 


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