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2018-05-13 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Its officially been a year since I started working at my part time job. I can definitely say quite a lot about working for this company but I think one thing that really stands out is that each time I come in I never know what to expect. Each time I work it’s always different and what I mean by that is the people I work with changes. Sometimes I get Dancer who always sings and knows how to crack a joke to make my day so much better or I’ll get T who is a go go go kind of person and always knows how to make customers day. She is literally as sweet as what we serve. 

We get all kinds of fun customers to and when you think you've seen it all something always happens to up that last crazy thing that someone did. It’s a cycle that never ends. Mostly though I love it when the room is filled with people who know how to have fun, can communicate, and can keep moving. Then you know it’s a party. We all know where we are at, what we are all doing, and giving our best service to those who come into our store. 

It really does teach you a lot and you get to grow with your team. I have seen all kinds of people come into this store and I am always learning new things which is a lot of fun. But mostly I just love being able to have such awesome managers who are flexible, reliable, and amazing all at one time. I couldn’t have asked for any better part time job and I can’t wait to see what this summer holds for us. 

We will be busy, it will get messy but, mostly we will all work together to all survive the next three months in the best way possible. 

Here we come summer 



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