Last Summer
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2018-05-24 11:35 by Sarah Denninger
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Last Summer

My part time job has been picking up and its been an interesting turn when it comes to getting used to being there. Really I think that things have slowed down a little for me and I am mostly unsure of how the summer is going to go. We have a lot of new people and a lot of them seem to be hard workers and that's a good sign but then I see the other half and I get a little concerned. Some of them have this idea of how work should be vs what it really is and I can see a few problems already arising down the road. Of course there isn’t really anything I can do about it. I’m a strong team member who knows what needs to get done and is there for speed and efficiency not for leading. 

Really I think it’s going to be fun but I can't stop those little voices in my head that keep telling me all the things that could go wrong or might go wrong. Of course I think anybody can agree that we all have those voices in your head that just know something isn’t right but sometimes it's best to just let things play out. 

This will probably be my last summer at this job and I love it very much but I know that things are coming to a close here in this area. So for me I will be mostly enjoying this time with everyone and just taking it all in as we do our best to make the summer fun. I’m excited to see what happens and I know that it will turn out good one way or another. It’s another adventure and another way for me to make some money. 

Here we come summer. 


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