Its almost complete
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2018-05-30 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Its almost complete

So I have been getting a half sleeve done over the past few months. It’s a pinball half sleeve that I decided to get to represent my childhood. So my family  has been very fortunate and one of the things I got a chance to play as a child were actual pinball machines. I grew up with five of them and I have played them from the time I was a toddler to the present time. I play them on a pretty regular basis and I quite enjoy the pinball machine itself. I love the artwork in each game, the details that they put in the wood, the layout, the difficulty, all of it. It’s fun and to me it’s quite a challenge. 

Pinball is a skill and I have a few of them. I grew up playing them whenever I wanted to and I will say that I am pretty decent. It takes me a while to get used to a new game and I sometimes get emotional about the games themselves. There have been a few pinball machines I Have played in arcades, museums, and so forth that have made me sad. Sometimes the flipper are beat up and it makes it hard to earn points in the game. You miss most of the shots and no matter what you do you can't really "win" the game. 


Then there are other games that you can tell haven’t been in the right hands. Parts of the game won’t work, the flippers are weak, and there’s dust on the game board..well then it has a different emotion. Really I am sad that they own something like a pinball machine and let it get beat up like that. Donate it or let someone properly help you fix it up. Something. 

So this pinball half sleeve is to represent my love for them and also something from my childhood. I am so excited because I get to finish it tomorrow and I know its going to look amazing when it all comes together. I can't wait to see it and for you all to see it as well. 


So stay tuned, cause I think it's going to look awesome. 




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