Gas prices (ready for a scare)
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2018-10-08 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Gas prices (ready for a scare)

I went on a trip to this place called Milford sound .it's a pretty popular place where lots of Ariel shows have been done. It's basically anything from L.O.T.R to the wolverine movie where Hugh Jackman jumps off a cliff/ waterfall as he's running butt naked through a forest. Along the journey I got to meet some people who I have now become friends with. One girl who was from just outside of London and two Americans who are from the Carolinas. They were all super friendly and we exchanged numbers and names .

The trip to Milford sound is an all day excursion so your spending about 12 hours going around sightseeing, driving, and being on a boat. Our driver was kind enough to even have a conversation with us and answers any questions we had which my lovely American friends asked all of them. As it turns out, the gas in new Zealand has only been going up recently and that's due to there only being two companies who actually compete with the gas prices. So when one goes up, the other does the same. Apparently this has been going on for months and gas prices have reached an all time high. 

For me to fill up gas back home its around $30- $50 depending on the price and that can change by the week. Here it changes by the day. Now here comes the hard numbers. They do gas every cent to the liter and regular gas is almost 1/3rd more then diesel. The price for gas (and this is scary) is $2.30^9 and diesel is $1.99^8 .yes you read those numbers right. That is how expensive it is on the island and it's not because of the importing of gas, it's just because the gas stations are playing games and upping the prices whenever they feel that the competition is getting too hot. And people pay it here. I'm not lieing, I almost had a heart attack seeing those prices. For me to fill up my whole tank in the campervan (and just for diesel) I pay around $110 NZ dollars. If you live here on the island, thats quite a bit of cash. 

Not only that but it makes everything else go up when it comes to booking expeditions. The prices are almost double what they would be in the U.S and the reason? Gas. That's the only reason .It blows my mind that it's so pricey and I hope this little island gets a break and the prices comes down not only for the people living here but for those that wanna visit longer. It's so much to pay and it really does put you down knowing how much you have to fork over just to get around. 

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