Drug problem?
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2018-10-13 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Drug problem?

So I think there may be a slight drug problem going on. I say that because of the questions that they keep asking me as I switch flights. Maybe its an international thing or maybe its just a precaution but honestly I am not sure. I know that on the radio stations that they were warning people about not taking cannabis because it was unsafe to take the drugs. They said that it was casing problems and I am pretty sure that they were saying it was laced with something else that may not be so friendly to the people consuming the cannabis. Of course they didn't say this directly but they did hint at it. 

At my fun excursion through customs at Auckland airport I was asked a set of three questions that was not asked two weeks ago. They were the following,

1)Did anyone pack your bags for you?

2)Do you know what is in your bags and what you packed?

3) Is there anything in your bags that you aren't aware of and shouldn't be there? 

I answered them honestly and of course I know what is in my bags since I did have the pleasure of packing and repacking them at least five times in the past two days so yes I do know what is in them. Along with that I am positive that there are no drugs and that they are more then happy to search. Of course it might be unpleasant due to the smell but they can do that if they want. So they check in my bag, I get directed to security and when It comes to my turn I do all the proper procedures. I take out my laptop, I empty my pockets, and I put my camera bag up for the scanner. I then walk through and they guy tells me to have a nice day. I thank him and grab my bags. Once that is done I turn to rush to my terminal and next thing I know i'm getting asked to come to the side. Unhappy about this I stop and the lady has me put my bags down. She swipes her detector over me and then asks to see my laptop. I do this and she takes a swab of the laptop, the laptop bag and the camera bag. I put everything away and wait as the computer sits and thinks. She seems disappointed as she tells me everything is good and I can then continue on my way. 

Then comes Fiji. I get off the plane, I have my stuff, the passport is out and the boarding pass it inside. I get to the line and the lady stops me, asks me the same three questions they asked at Auckland. I answer them the same way and she puts a stickers on my passport and directs me to the right gate. 

So i'm not sure if there is a drug problem but I have a feeling there might be. Of course i'm sure at L.A.X I will have more of a time because I am more then positive they will want me to open my bag. I do have a bottle in their that is a surprise for someone I know and I am sure they will ask me all the questions they already asked. I brought almost $450 back worth of souvenirs so I know that will raise an eyebrow or two. 

But of course when that happens that story will come. For now, I will leave you with this to wonder, is there a drug problem going on? Or is it something else? 

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