Drunk and flying
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2018-10-17 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Drunk and flying

On my flight back from new Zealand I had an encounter that made me realize why some people hate flying. It was my second flight out of the three I had to do. It was also the longest flight out of all of them. It was a full 11 hours and that meant it was time to sleep. Unfortunately though that didn't seem to be in my deck of cards for this particular flight. 

I get on the plane, I take my seat and I wait as everyone else gets on board. I'm already pretty tired but I decide to stay awake and wait for them to take off and to serve food. Eventually everyone gets on board and the guy sitting next to me has not one but two cell phones and the entire times he's next to me he's on the phone with people. When he sits down he's talking away. When they make announcements for safety procedures his phones buzzing. When they tell everyone to turn off their phones his phone is STILL ringing. The lady that was giving us the safety instructions told him at least three times to turn off his phone. 

Soon the plane takes off and I settle into my seat and watch a movie as I wait for us to get to where we needed to be and for them to start serving food. The guy next to me gets up and decides he's waited to long .he comes back with some kind of alcoholic beverage. I'm not sure what it is but I can smell it. In a few minutes it's gone and I go back to my movie trying my best to ignore him. He was pretty intoxicated already so I figured he was gonna pass out in no time at all. Unfortunately I was wrong. For the next hour he's yawning obnoxiously loud and won't stop trying to stretch. He gets up several times to go to the restroom and in all of this time he's stumbling around almost ready to fall over. 

Eventually they serve food and after that drinks. He gets a vodka was an orange peel. The guy was pretty drunk as it is so when he got this other drink I can say that I wasn't all that impressed. 

Within the next hour the guys toppling over and is stretching so far that he's about to fall to my side. Very loudly and unhappily I maneuver him away from me and tell him no. This guy was so obnoxiously drunk that he had everyone around him paying attention to him. I got a few states that I'm sure was to make sure I'm OK and I just tried my best to not ask to move. I was exhausted and I wanted to sleep. I can say that for the next hour I had a hard time falling asleep and it wasn't until he was securely in his seat and buckled in that I felt ok to get comfy. I was afraid that if I fell asleep that he would come over on my side and get in my space. Several times he got up, he stumbled into the aside, scratched his ass and his torso revealing his skin under his shirt and so on .It was so bad that I pretty much was needing to be drunk myself .

And I can say that once I got to Atlanta that I did get good and drunk .now I do understand why some people do hate flying. Of course that's one of many but being beside a drunk person is just not fun. Especially when your alone and just trying to get from point a to point b. 

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