First medal for the season
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First medal for the season

I'm happy to say that it has been a year since my half marathon. Yes a whole year. It's still hard to believe that I did the half marathon in the first place but here I am, Alive, still running and able to do at least a 10k one a month. See every since my half marathon I have kept up with the cardio. Once a month I do a 6 Mike run to not only test myself but to also to test myself as a person. 

So I put that to the test over the weekend. I decided to do the 10k race that the wicked triple holds and to see how I would do. It also would be the official first race of the fall season. I figured I could not only get my six miles run done for the month but also get the season started right. 

So I managed to get up at 5 a.m, have a cup of coffee and then go out there and do the race itself. Let me say that I had butterflies. I felt nervous because it had not only been a whole but I also am weird with crowds. Usually I feel compelled to keep up with the quicker people but once we took off I was able to slow down and get to an appropriate pace that would suit me. 

Not only did I manage to keep a good solid 9 minute pace but I was also able to do two miles out of the six in the high eights . Lately I haven't been doing to well so it was quite impressive to have those numbers show up on my watch. 

In the end I got second place in my age group, got a medal and felt amazing after I ran my ass off. I can say that seeing the medal I won made me feel like my efforts were worth while. After all I had kept up the 10k runs for over six months. For me that is quite the accomplishment. 


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