Recycling and litter
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2018-10-23 09:50 by Sarah Denninger
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Recycling and litter

In New Zealand they have very little to no littering. Everywhere I went was clean and I didn't see any speck of trash. I did see some dead animals here and there but in terms of people littering and everything that wasn't really a thing over there. When I was in any town they had a set of three to four trash cans. They each were labeled so that you knew what went into them. They had one of paper. One for plastic. One of cardboard. One for rubbish and sometimes one for newspapers and etc. It was actually quite interesting to see and people did take it very seriously. You could see people who had bags and they were digging through them and taking the time to put them in the correct bin. 

It was simple, easy and something that definitely became part of the routine when I was traveling around. It wasn't always easy when it came to making sure that I put each thing in the correct bin but I really did try my best to make it happen. In the U.S (as most know) recycling isn't all that big of a deal around here. We try our best to keep track and  make sure that our plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper are all separated but it honestly isn't always done. There are a ton of trash left on the road and we constantly have to have crews come out and take care of our roads. 

In New Zealand the worst thing I saw was some dead animals and that wasn't to often. Of course when I was getting out of Wellington or on my way to Auckland it was a bigger issue but honestly it was really nice to see that a country actually cares and does something about all the trash they have. I don't know how effective it is, realistically but it was really nice to have and to see. 

I wish we were more like that here, in the U.S, but I honestly don't know if it is a realistic option for us. We really do try but we don't have a lot of success. Trash on the road, keeping track of what we put in our trash, all of that isnt very well managed but, I can say that we are at least trying. 


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