Sizes, art, what I do
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2018-10-26 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Sizes, art, what I do

I had someone email me about my art pieces .They told me that the pieces looked liked they were weirdly shaped and oddly cut. Because of this they thought it was unprofessional of me and that it was probably why my pieces don't sell all that well. They went on to say that they wanted to know the answer to this question. The problem was that it wasn't really a question but I'm gonna answer it on here and just put it out there for everyone to know. 

So if your new here, welcome. My name is Sarah or known as SDTraveler and I not only make art pieces but I blog about life, running, adventures, my adventure cat and a few other things here and there. It's been over a year since I've started this process and it's been one hell of a roller coaster. I've done quite a bit and I've learned a lot. 

My art pieces started out with random cuts and after the first six months I learned that it wasn't fair to do that because my buyers couldn't get them framed properly so I decided to stop doing that. If I used poster board I decided to keep the poster board whole and in its full 22*28 size so that anybody can get a frame from Walmart and be all set. Canvas pieces I left in the original size and have never tried to cut them down in any way. 

All the pieces I have on sale are good sizes. They haven't been altered.  If you wish to purchase them you can I do ask that you do that. It helps me out and it helps out my adventuring. 

Otherwise you can scroll through my stuff, read what I have to say and then go about your day. Really there isn't much else to it. Easy, simple, clean .

I do hope everyone has a nice day and that it answers any weird questions about sizes, my art or what I do. 


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