Milford Sound and its beauty
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2018-10-29 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Milford Sound and its beauty

One of the tours I did when I was in New Zealand was called Milford Sound. Its a place that isnt really touched by humans. They do a lot of the L.O.T.R's and Hobbit ariel shots here and they also have some parts for the Wolverine movie in this amazing place. I had the pleasure of checking this place out and seeing it for myself. Just being able to sit outside and watch as the scenery went by made me realize how small we really are as people.

This video is a small portion of the beauty that this place holds. Its a part of the world we live in and it really should be cherished. Its somewhere that nobody can call home except for the animals that call it home. It really is all pure and it was such a pleasure to see it in its full glory. 


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