Climbing and the gym
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2019-04-06 09:51 by Sarah Denninger
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Climbing and the gym

One of my favorite things about working at a gym is getting to climb at the gym. It sounds weird but it is so rewarding to have. Day in and day out you get to watch people try all these problems on a wall and each time you get to see something new and exciting. The people are interesting and the things you see can either make you really happy or make you excited. Of course it also depends on the vibe of the place. Sometimes the music is popping and it makes the feel of the gym have a more "go go go" vibe and other times its old 90's songs playing which makes you remember the good days. 

Of course no matter what music you play the entertainment is still in the climb. For me I think its just watching people try to figure out how to do the sport for the first time. People don't understand match start, two hand start, sit start, stand start, etc. Really I can understand how they would be confused and unsure of how to really do things since I used to be like that. The only reason I caught on so fast was because of my bf who has been climbing for years. He showed me what to do, how to do it, and so much more. He taught me the world of climbing and I am still learning

Really it is quite a fun time and I enjoy my job a lot. I get to know everybody that comes in through our door, get to make new friends everyday and I also get to learn new things each time I climb or watch someone else climb. Really who could ask for a better job then that. Of course its not everyone's cup of tea but I am sure glad that it came my way. It definitely has changed my life. 

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