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2019-04-11 14:27 by Sarah Denninger
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There's always a time when you have to flip a switch and start doing this thing called "adulting". I think for every person it comes at different times and those times can be early on in life or it can be much later. For me its starting to become apparent as to what I need to do and what decisions I need to make as an adult. There are some things that I do need to have that I haven't really made strides to get because I either haven't had the money or I procrastinate and because of that my list of things I need has gotten quite long. 

For me its things like a printer, a computer chair, getting a different credit card, Rv hunting, and so on. I'm looking to leave where we are at the beginning of next year so I am making choices to start building on that now rather then later. I work at a climbing gym and I can say that I am making a nice amount of cash at this time so with that being a huge influence on my decisions and, with me feeling pretty secure in where I am, I can say that I am finally starting to cross things off my list.

Im not really sure what it is but I think I finally am looking to a future that I think is acceptable for me and I cannot wait to find that RV that just screams me. I love the idea of having my own home on wheels and I love that I am finally making a move in that direction. I don't know what the future holds and I dont know what is going to happen in the next few months but I can say that me making this step forward is just amazing. Even though it might sound weird to you guys, I know that this is the step I need to finally start making my way out of this house and into my own. 


To help out with Iceland and all the amazing traveling that I am about to do please consider purchasing one of my art pieces. I have everything from an 8*10 to a 24*36 size piece. They all are different, made with love, and ready to rock and roll. I am super stoked about these pieces and I know that someone out there will give them a new home. Tomorrow I will have a brand new spray paint piece ready for you guys but for now I present one of my older pieces. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

If you want to see my other art pieces click here

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