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2019-04-25 11:53 by Sarah Denninger
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Last week I ordered a Deebot m80 pro. I purchased it because my father and I live in a decent sized house that has a lot of wood flooring and tile. As a result it gets dirty pretty quickly and keeping up with it is a hassle. It’s one of those things that just can get out of hand if you aren’t keeping up with it on a daily basis. And because of that I ordered a deebot. Now those of you that don’t know what a deebot is I will give you a quick description. A deebot is a less expensive version (depending on which one you buy of course) of a floor cleaning robot. For most of my childhood the company to go through was roomba (or irobot) and for years we had one that worked quite well. After about ten years or so though it lost its ability to actually suck up hair, dust bunnies, and trash. Eventually it just became a pile of junk and we threw it out. 

I waited a while to order a new one. I thought that we didn’t really need it and they were pretty expensive. I just didn’t see the point when we already had a broom and dustpan and really just let things slide. After a month went by I changed my mind. You don’t really know how much cats shed until you have a house that has a lot of wood flooring. You can see the balls of hair everywhere and honestly it’s kind of gross. So with that in mind I decided to go ahead and do some research on i-robots and see what I could find. 


On eBay that have a huge selection. Some I had never heard of before so I started digging into the companies and started looking into what is best for what price. What I came up with was the deebot m80 pro. It has five different settings including a mop setting and For a fully refurbished one they wanted $129. After tossing it around for a bit and doing some thinking I purchased one. 

It took a week for it to arrive and ever since it got here it has been amazing. Every time we have used it, it has picked up all kinds of hair, trash, and sand. It has been full every single time and I am so happy about the results. The cats are a little weirded out by it but I am sure that within a week they will get used to it. It turns on every weekday at 9 a.m and goes until I either tell it to go back to its charging dock or until it is almost dead. I love it. I really think that if you animals, you work a lot and you have wood flooring in your home that it is worth the buy. This has helped us so much and I think its super useful. So if that sounds like something you need then head over to ebay cause they have tons of them at awesome prices. 


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