Pinball wizard
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2019-04-29 13:48 by Sarah Denninger
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Pinball wizard

In less then a week we leave to go play pinball for an entire weekend. I am not going to lie, I am super stoked about it and I cant wait to get my hands on the games. There are going to be so many that I know I wont be able to play them all. It is a three day weekend event so I have high hopes that I will get to at least play some a good majority of them. I'm hoping that somewhere in there I will be inspired by one and end up loving it so much that I have to purchase it in the near future. I just love the art, the mechanics, and the way that they take you to a whole other world. 

Of course I am going to video the experience and share it with you guys. I want to do everything I can to share it and spread the love to you all. I think it is going to be something that you guys will be interested in and maybe I can inspire a few of you to make the trip up there next year and enjoy a weekend of pinball. Who knows maybe you will want to take your kids up there and introduce them to something that slowly coming back into our world. After all pinball is a real dying art and I think that it is sad that less and less people are playing them and appreciating them. 

It is something that I grew up with and as an adult I carry the love for pinball with me. I did get a half sleeve representing the four I grew up with so if that isn't enough dedication then I don't know what is. Truly I think that this year will be amazing and that I will fall more in love for these machines. 


In the meantime I do ask that you guys check out my art work and see if any of them interest you. I am considering doing a sale in a few days to see how many I can say goodbye to. As always it will be 10% off the entire purchase so take a look at the gallery and  see what you think.

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