What will your grandchildren think?
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2019-04-30 12:39 by Sarah Denninger
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What will your grandchildren think?

On Saturday I attended my very first art and music festival and I was able to sell two art pieces while I was there. I’m not going to lie I do with I sold more than two but the foot traffic wasn’t there and because of that I wasn’t able to get more than two to leave my tent. None the less though I am super happy that I was able to get at least two to leave. While I was there and talking to people this older lady walked up to my tent. She had to be in her 70's and she saw my half sleeve. She looked from my arm to my face and I could think of a million different things she wanted to say. 

"That that marker on your arm?" She took a second and looked up at me. She seemed to be thinking that I had gotten a huge fake tattoo on my forearm and I am sure that she wished I was going to say that it was fake. I smiled at her and shook my head no. 

"That's permanent?" I smiled and replied as nicely as I could. "Yes Mam it is". 

Quickly she frowned and looked at the people near her who I assumed was her family. I think there was a moment where she couldn’t believe that I was standing there. We were at a church and everyone else around us didn’t really have any tattoos on them. I was the only one that was clearly showing off my artwork and I was ready to take her down if she started anything. Were in a new time and age so I knew where I stood on the whole tattoo argument. I waited for her response and when it finally came all she said was, "What are your grandchildren going to think?" 

To be honest I was a little thrown off by the question. I didn’t think I was ever going to have children and it is something I still am unsure of but, I know the idea of me having kids doesn’t sit well with me. So i smiled and said "Well I don’t know, it will be a different time by then. Who knows." 

She didn’t say anything else, she just walked away with her family leading and from there I continued to do what I needed to and tried to sell more artwork. It has been a while since I have had anybody as me something about my tattoos in that sort of manor and I really do think I handled it well all things considered. I just had to keep in mind that older folks don’t see things the way we do. That the times have changed and we are in a new age where we have to be kind and teach others this new way that we do things in our world. 

Of course not everybody is going to agree but that's ok.



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