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Today is the day. Im going to be taking new photos for all the art pieces that I currently have for sale. It will be exciting because the photos I currently am using are ones that were taken from my phone. Now the photos wont be uploaded until later tonight but I will be in the process of taking them while you guys are reading this. Hopefully this will also help some with the details of what you guys are looking at purchasing. Along with that news I will also be doing some new pieces in the next week. I have a lot to catch up on and I am excited to bring some new to the table and work with my spray paints again. 

With that being said I do hope you guys will look at the pieces I have for sale and let me know if your interested in purchasing any. Quite a few of them have dropped in price and I would love it I could say goodbye to them. 





Please email me at so that we can get these to you as soon as possible. Thank you guys 

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Alrighty folks! So these pieces have also been dropped in price and are looking for new places to go. Some have been around for a while and the canvass cannot be reused for another piece so I have decided that the best decision was to make them lower and even more affordable then they already were. So any purchases are appreciated .if your interested please email me at so that I can ship them to you as quickly as possible. They are all made by by yours truly. They come with a certificate that tells you all about the piece itself. 






Thanks you guys and that's the last of the pieces that will be powered In price for the rest of the year. Enjoy. 

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A few of my art pieces have dropped in price. These guys have been around for longer then I would like so I am selling them a little bit lower then normal to see if anyone would like to give them new homes. Please check them out and let me know when you can. Any purchases would be appreciated. 





Email me at if your interested. Thanks

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2018-11-10 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Another day, another dollar as they put it. 


If your interested in this piece please email me at It is looking for a new home. Its small, hand stitched and quite the conversation starter. Personally I do think its one of those pieces that makes you look back at it at least twice. Mostly because of my color choices but that is also what makes it fun for everybody who sees it. Not only will you have people asking you where it came from but you might have some people sharing it to others because of how weird it is. 

Of course it also is just in time for the Christmas Spirit so I do suggest tucking that in the back of your mind. Maybe give it to yourself or a friend who loves all things magical and weird. 

Its just right for those occasions. 

If you want to see other pieces click here 

Thanks you guys 

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As always I am selling my art pieces and they are looking for some homes to go to. A bunch of them have been around for a while now and I would appreciate any purchases. 




If your interested in any of these pieces email me at

If you want to see more click here 

I thank you guys so much for all your support and I do hope to let some of these guys go. I need to make space as new pieces will be arriving shortly. I also will be updating the photos of the pieces here in a few days and be uploading some new videos for you all to watch. So stay tuned for some awesome new content. I am pretty excited about it. 

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