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Yesterday I got these photos of three dogs that I have dog sat in the past month. They all are best friends and they all get along so well. There is Moose who is a Saint Bernard that has hip dysplasia. He is about five years old and is a little picky about people and dogs. You have to know how to read him and if he doesn't like you then you have to walk away from him. Unfortunately, some people might see that as an issue and might make a big deal about it but, he is a big dog so you just need to respect his boundaries. 

The second dog I sat was Mila. She is about 3 months old now and she is slowly growing into her little body. She is super quiet and has some issues with listening to her owners. They are working on commands and they are trying hard to make sure that she will get better over time. She gets along with other animals and just loves to be loved. 


The most recent was Cooper and I talked about him in my recent posts. Cooper has a lot to work on when it comes to his biting habits and I made sure to let the owners know just how much work they have ahead of them. He listens to most commands but he does act like a spoiled brat and because of that he takes it out on whoever is denying him what he wants. For instance, if I tell him he can't be on the couch and I try to get him down he will go straight for me hands and try to bite me. His teeth are not dull in the slightest. It hurts and it has drawn blood on past sitters. I know that he is going through a teething phase but I think that he hasn't been told the word no enough to really understand that he can't just get what he wants. When I was with him I did everything I could to get him to listen to me and to get him to stop biting me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I made much progress in his training for his owners but since I told them they really seem to understand that getting him to stop biting is a priority on their list. 

Of course, as a dog sitter, I do everything I can to keep up with what the owners recommend and I do my best to make sure to make a list of things that I notice with the dogs I sit. All three of these dogs have been very different experiences and each one has taught me important lessons for the future and things I need to keep in mind for future sitting. Of course, sitting is crazy and it takes up a lot of time but it is a way to make the extra cash on the side. Plus, I mean, I get to be with animals all the time and they are so much fun to be around. 

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2020-02-16 19:46 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 20 references

Right now I'm at home hanging out for a few hours. Cooper has been a real treat and a real pain. So it's nice to get some time in my own home before I go back. So while I sit here and get some stuff done I want to remind you that there are three pieces that are 10% off right now. The three pieces are down below. 



If you're interested in these three pieces let me know by emailing me at so we can get the piece to you as soon as possible. I appreicate any purchases you guys make. All the money that comes my way helps me on my future travels.

Thank you guys so much.

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I have 21 days until I head out to Bogota Colombia. I am so excited and I cannot wait to get there and see that beautiful country. It wasn't on my list but I am so excited that I got invited to go see it. Not only will this be my first time traveling with another female but it will be my first time going to a foreign country with someone other than my dad.It's crazy that it's happening and that it is real. I'm nervous but also pumped to go. So, Of course, I want to remind you guys that I have paintings for sale and it would help me greatly if you bought one or two. All funds help me to go on my travels and they support future adventures as well. The ones down below are ones that I will have for 10% off until the 16th. 


If you are interested email me at so that we can get the pieces to you as soon as possible and get you that discount. 


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Next week I'm going to be making a few new pieces just for you guys. I'm pretty excited to get my supplies out and to start getting back into my artistic side. This month has been rough because I haven't been feeling good and work has me slammed when I am trying to recover. It's been rough but I am finally making a turnaround and starting to get back to my usual self. For now, all I have is some older pieces to choose from. If you purchase a piece from me the money goes towards my traveling funds and I have plenty of future travels coming. The closest adventure would be Bogota Colombia. Stay tuned for more information on that. 


Thank you guys again 

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2020-01-24 17:06 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 18 references

Make sure to check out the paintings below! 


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