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Both of these pieces were inspired by the Hurricane that is about to his Georgia and South Carolina. Of course I really do think that it is unfortunate that this hurricane is coming in since it is going to do a lot of damage and a lot of people are going to be losing their homes. I do hope that people are being safe and have evacuated the area. After all I unfortunately do know how terrifying a category 4 hurricane can be since I have been through one before. We were very fortunate in not loosing our home but if we had evacuated at that time we most certainly would have. 

So these two pieces are inspired by that and if they do peak your interested I would love it if you would email me at so that I can get them to you as soon as possible. They are made on canvas so all you need is a picture hanger to put it up on your wall.



Thank you guys so much and I do hope everyone is staying safe out there. 


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This is a new piece that is for sale. The name implies what kind of piece it is. I really do think that it is a piece that it is simplistically beautiful. 


If your interested in this piece please email me at so that I can send this to you as quick as possible. 

Thank you so much and I cant wait to hear from you. 

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So it has been a rough week. Of course that hasnt been anything new for me for the last three months or so. I am hoping though that with my grandmothers passing that things will finally calm down and I can now take some time to mourn and be myself. But of course in the meantime I am still selling art pieces and always appreciate any purchases that are made as it would help me out with my future travels. In less then two weeks I am going to New Zealand so all purchases are going to that fund for the time being. 

The pieces that are down below are some pieces that are for sale and are looking for new homes. Please check them out. 




If any of these are interesting to you then please email me at


Thank you guys so much. 

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So there are a few pieces that have been around for quite some time. They are looking for a home to show off in. Down below are a few of them

So this piece is pretty small due to it being a hand stitched piece. It took me a little over thirty hours to do. It is a very different piece since I dont usually do handstitched pieces. They take a lot of time and they can be pretty rough on the fingers and hands. This one was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed all the little details. I did the background in different acrylic paints to add something a little unusual. 



This piece was a mix of different medias. I started with spraypaint and then decided to add in some oil paints in the top right corner. I personally think that it stands out due to how different it really is and the price is pretty good for something that has not only been around for some time but also has quite a bit of oil paint on the canvas. 



So this piece was actually one of my favorite mixed media pieces. To be honest i'm surprised that it hasn't found a good home yet. I used stencil cut outs for the wolves, mosaic tiles for the path the wolves are running on, and course some oil paint to do the moon and clouds. Its small but has a standing of its own. Its all ready to be shown off in someones home as it is on canvas, so it doesn't require anything extra. 


If any of these pieces catch your attention then please email me at so that can get them to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all so much 


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Hello hello! Today is the very last day of my 10% off everything sale! This sale was a way for me to celebrate my 1 year anniversary (for selling artwork) and I can say I am very happy to continue this journey. I have many more art pieces I wish to make and many more I would love to sell. Personally it has been one of those journeys I never thought I would take and I can say that I am so happy that I decided to pursue this passion. Ever since I was a kid I have been drawing or painting. I’m not great at it but I do enjoy it quite a lot. Over the next year I hope to get more details and work on my skills so that I may get better and better as time goes on. 

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you guys and I am so happy that all of you have supported me. I will say that there are a few people here and there who I have become close to over this journey and I hope that I will continue to grow my fans and grow closer and closer to you guys. As an artist and a person I find that selling my artwork is quite enjoyable and makes me very excited for the future. 

So for now I do ask that you take advantage of the sale. This is the last day. It is 10% off your entire purchase and I can tell you that there are plenty of pieces that you can choose from. 



If these two interest you please email me at and if you wish to see more of my pieces please click here to check them out. 

Thank you guys so much for supporting me and I hope you will continue to follow along on this amazing art journey. 


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