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Hey you guys! So as you may or may not know I do have three pieces that have dropped down by $20. They are going to be on sale until midnight tonight so come and get them while you still can! Just click here to check them out!

With that being said I decided to go ahead and recycle one of my canvas's and make it into something else. I just finished pouring it and it is now for sale! 


I think it is quite beautiful and I love all the little swirls and pop of color that came out of the piece. Personally I think its a special one. If you are interested in it or any of the others please hit me up at so that we can figure out the details. 


Thankkkk you!


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Hey you guys! The sale that has been going on for a few days ends tomorrow so take advantage of it while you can. 





If your interested in any of these pieces please email

Thanks you guys! 


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Hey you guys! 

The sale is still going on for the three pieces that I put up yesterday. 




They are $20 less then their original price and are all ready to go to New homes. If your interested in purchasing these pieces please email me at so that we can work out the details. 


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Hey you guys. 

All of these paintings are looking for new homes. I have lowered the price on a few of them but it is only for a limited time. Please check them out and see if you want any of them in your homes. 




All three of these paintings were lowered by at least $20. This will last for three days and then they will go back up in price. Please email me at if your interested in purchasing them. 

Thanks you guys 

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I actually think this is one of the more interesting pieces I have done. Just Because of the way its set up. Its visually pleasing, the colors and right on point and I really think it would look nice in a frame on the wall. So if you are interested in this piece and would like to see it everyday in your own home, please email me at so that we can work together to get this wonderful work of art in your home. Im really hoping for someone to take it off my hands. 

You guys are so awesome! 


Check out my other pieces by clicking here

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