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I started editing the videos. The one that I started with is the church video. Little did I realize how long the videos actually are. So while I was editing the video the system I was using crashed. So halfway through the video editing I had to turn it off so that the computer could rest. Today I will be working on the rest of the video and I just pray that the system doesn't crash again before I finish it. Of course now that the trip to ecofina is finished I will also have a video for you guys with that crazy but fun experience. 

Honestly there is just so much going on and even this coming weekend I will be in Atlanta seeing Icon For hire and of course, be going to a climbing gym. 

But you will have to wait to hear about those adventures. For now I ask that you guys check out my artwork. All of it is for sale and I am about halfway to my goal for the year. So here is the link to my artwork. 

he pieces down below are my smaller pieces that not only are super affordable but also pieces that will be at your doorstep in a few days







So I ask that you guys take a look and see if any of them peak your interest. If they do then go ahead and purchase them now. Every purchase go towards my travel funds and I appreciate each and every one no matter how small it is. Thank you guys and I look forward to some of these pieces leaving the building. 

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2019-07-10 13:54 by Sarah Denninger
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So I finally got the pieces ready to go. They have a top coat on them and now they are settling before I move them back indoors. These three pieces turned out so much better then I imagined and I am so proud for finishing them. 

Now that they are drying I was able to get the back room all cleaned up and pour two smaller pieces with the leftover paint that I had. I dont know what I will call them but they will be for sale starting tomorrow. If you like what you see then let me know. I will be more then happy to give a discount to those who want to purchase them together. Im thinking 10% should be a good amount for them. 



If you want to see other pieces I made then click here to check them out. 

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This weekend was one of the long ones. It was one where I worked all weekend, still went out with everybody and still had projects to do at home. So sadly because of that exhaustion I was not able to get the upcoming video out this weekend and for that I apologize. It just has been nonstop craziness. Today though is the day that I pour the paint for this piece and I am going to be setting up cameras to record this event. Im super nervous but I am ready. 

While you guys are waiting I ask that you check ou tmy artwork I have for sale now. There are two of them that are pending sale so those two in particular are not for sale. The rest though are up for grabs So please go check them out. You guys can click here to check them out. 


Here is also a picture of the piece that I did for a friend of mine. It is called Panda Dreamworks and I think it is so cute. What do you guys think? 


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Today is one of those days where you have so much going on that your not sure how much you will be able to do. But I am going to do my best to get everything done. Today I am going to be doing the two pieces and I will do my best to record the process for you guys. So the video may come out later today or early tomorrow. We will see what happens as the day progresses. 

For now I ask that you guys take a look at the four pieces that are on the super sale. Each of them needs a new home and each one is more then reasonable when it comes to prices and shipping. So please check them out and see if any of them peak your interest. 





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This morning I got a notification that one of my older pieces sold. I am so happy that one of them has finally sold. It’s one of those pieces that I had in my closet so not only was it taking space but it was in a place where it was not being shown off. Of course I chose the five pieces to go on sale because I have had them for so long and I am in need of opening up some spaces. So thank you to the person who purchased it, it made me extremely happy to see it leaving the house and I hope that the others that I put up for sale will soon follow its lead. 

For those of you that don't know what I am talking about I will now inform you of this amazing sale. 

The other day I put up five pieces on a super sale. This means that they are anywhere from 30% - 50% off of the normal price that I sell them for. That’s a pretty big drop. So now the pieces are not only super affordable but they are also at a range where most people would consider starting their painting collection. 


For instance, this piece was around $110 when it first was put up. Now it is $45! That’s a huge drop in price and honestly I think it is one of those pieces that just needs to leave so, I made the decision to keep it at a very low price for the time being. If you’re interested in purchasing this piece please click the buy now button. If you want to see the other pieces that have dropped to this kind of price just click here and it will take you back to the original post where you can see the other three pieces. 

All purchases help me to travel. No matter how big or small the purchase is I appreciate every single one. Thank you guys so much. 


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