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Yesterday I sat down and did quite a bit of thinking when it came to my art pieces and my prices. After some deliberating I changed some prices and today is the last day of my art sale. Which means that the pieces I will be putting down below will on a SUPER sale. 



All of these pieces are an extra 10% off  so if any of them interest you then email me at so that I can send a personal invoice to you. Thank you all so much for your support and I hope that some of you guys will help me clear out my gallery and help me save up for Iceland. 

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2019-05-14 12:51 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 6 references

On Saturday the sale for all of my artwork ends. Right now it is 10% off all my artwork and each and every one is ready to go to a new home. All purchases are much appreciated and each purchase you make helps fund my travels around the world. Really I couldn't do any of this without you guys and I really appreciate all that you do for me. All the support and love that I am given with this job makes every piece worth it. So please check out what I have for sale and see if any peak your interest. There are at least two pieces that I really think you guys would all like and would want to have in your home and I will have them down below. 





Please consider purchasing a piece today and helping me out. I am so excited about my trip to Iceland and all the purchases people have made recently has helped me considerably. I do hope that you will check out all my pieces and see if any need to be in your home. If you wish to purchases either of the pieces in the post please email me at so that I can send you a personal invoice. 

If you want to see my other piece please click here to go to my gallery and take a look. 


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Iv'e been doing pretty good with selling my artwork these past few weeks. Iv'e sold two this week and I sold two last week which makes me feel much better about what I am doing. It gave me a boost of confidence and in less then an hour I am meeting up a church to see if I can make a tifecta piece for them. I am hoping that things will work out and that I can make these pieces fit what they are looking for. In the meantime I ask that you guys take a look at what I have in my gallery right now. All the pieces are 10% off until the end of the week so please check them out. 


If you want to see other pieces that are for sale just click here to check them out. I promise you that there are plenty of pieces to choose from. 

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2019-05-08 12:55 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 20 references

I got an opportunity to go do a triple set piece for the church that asked me to be apart of their festival. I don't know what I can do for them but I am super happy that they decided to email me and tell me that they wanted my pieces inside the church itself. I'm super pumped about it and if things work out then the pay will be a nice addition to my Iceland fund. Personally I don't know how it will go and I am slightly worried about the way things might play out since 1) I'm not religious and 2) I don't really do commission work. Iv'e don't a few things here and there but i'm always worried about how it will turn out. 

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2019-05-01 11:36 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 4 references

So tomorrow we leave for Michigan to go and play some pinball all weekend long. Of course I am preparing a video as well for Friday so stay tuned for that. While we are away on our trip I will be holding a sale on all of my pieces. It will be 10% off of all my pieces but please keep in mind that there isn't a way to do it on paypal so if you are interested in a piece please email me at so that I can send you an invoice and you can pay that way instead. I think not having an option to do discounts on through paypal is really unfortunate. So please take a look at my gallery and  see if anything interests you. 


Thank you guys so much and I hope to hear from some of you and say goodbye to some of these pieces. It means a lot to me and as always I appreciate any support I get. 

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