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As some of you know I am now an ambassador for a company called Madera. They plant two trees for every purchase you make on their website. Honestly its pretty awesome and I really enjoy being apart of this company. I ask that you guys check them out and see if anything is of interest to you. You can go to their site by clicking the link here

Every purchase you make not only helps them but also helps me with my future traveling. I really hope that you guys will give it a shot and see what you think. 

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I cant begin to tell you how many times I Have watched Game of Thrones. It’s one of those shows that progressively get better and better with each season. There is drama, love, action, blood, gore, and so much more. It has an interesting aspect to it that I quite enjoy and even though it has magical aspects to it, it’s not overdone to a point that you would roll your eyes. Of course the white walkers might be slightly over fetched but I do think that everything else is really well balanced. 

Just recently I re-watched season 2 and if you all know that season then you know that things are really starting to make a slow turn for each character. Each important role is starting to make their moves and each one is slowly building up their rolls and develop into something new and more refined. Of course your hatred for Joffrey really grows as you watch the show and we all know how that goes. The other characters let you in on some of their stories and it shows how they start to end up on their own journeys. Each character brings you into a new place and makes you see new things you didn’t think about or question. 

Game of Thrones for me is quite an entertaining show. I really do like the idea of the old time face to face battles mixed with that tiny speck of magical aspects. It makes the show flow in a way you don’t expect. 

If you are a game of thrones fan I do recommend getting the DVDs. I own all seven seasons and I make it a point to own them so I can skip the commercials and not bother with the theatrics of hbo. If you’re interested in purchasing the second season I would click here. You might be in for quite the surprise. 


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Recently I have gotten D into watching Game of Thrones. The other day we finished season 1 and he told me that he was down to binging the whole thing. Little did he know that I own all the seasons on DVD. And of course when it was over we ended up talking about the season and what we thought about it overall. He told me that years ago he tried to watch episode 1 but ended up giving up after that because of the huge culture shock in the show. We even had a mini argument about how many people in the first episode were implying incest. He thought there were three characters but there’s only one. For him that was the breaking point las time he watched it and I told him that he was reading into the show too quickly. 

Of course after the second episode was finished he realized what I meant and we kept watching. The show has it ups and downs (like any other show) but really I think it is well produced and has this way of keeping you on the edge of your seat. There’s lots of politics, war, gore, mystery, and myths all in the show itself. I think it keeps the show interesting and I honestly feel like its one of the better shows. 

I know a few people who haven’t jumped on the game of thrones train but I really do think people should give it a chance. Its got a little over everything you need in a show and I really think that its worth owning on DVD. Of course if you’re not into the blood, gore and the mythical then I would say that this show is not for you and to pass up on this all together and if you are into this stuff then I hope you will give it a try. 


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One of the things that comes with a watch is the idea that eventually you are going to have to replace the band that is holding it together. For me the vivoactive has always been a good watch. It filles my needs when it comes to running, biking, swimming, and hiking. Its small, the battery lasts for about a weeks time and on top on top of that it is able to get my stats for when I sleep. For me it was a nice way to keep track of my fitness and health and I am glad that I made the purchase (If you wish to check them out or purchase one click here)

Fast Forwarding to a year and a half later I can say that for the first time I had to replace the watch band. I didn't expect it to break. I was at work and I had started seeing wear and tear on the inside of the band.I thought maybe it would Last for a few more days and then I would order the new band. I was walking towards the ice cream bar and I grabbed my wrist. It was itchy so I twisted the watch a tiny bit and all I heard was this snapping sound. I look down and the watch is in pieces. 

Unsure of what to do and knowing that I wanted to wear it throughout the day I went ahead and took our tape and taped back together the two pieces. That night I went on Amazon and looked at the bands for the vivoactive. I didn't want to order one that was too expensive because I am not only on a budget but I also have my New Zealand trip to save for. So without much consideration I went ahead and purchased a new band in the color dark blue and waited for it to arrive. Within a few days it was at the house and I was able to change the band. 

I will say that it has taken a while for me to get used to. Its only because it is brand new so the band is pretty strange to take on and off. Its comfortable though so I don't have to worry about it itching or anything which is nice. It doesn't pinch and I enjoy the way it feels. They have several other colors so if you are in need of a new watch band that is at a reasonable price then check them out. 

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one of the things I have had for an almost two years is my Garmin watch. At the time I Started to get more into my fitness and I was taking the steps towards keeping track of how I was doing. SO I made the decision to wait for black Friday, and then go and purchase a watch. Now I have never owned a watch for a long period of time. It’s mostly because when I take the watch off it never gets back on my wrist. I forget it exists, or it’s too big or just in general a pain in the butt so I always leave it behind at some point and time. 

So one of the things that I looked for in a watch was it being waterproof. I didn’t want any excuse to have to take it off and I didn’t want to be one of those people who spent $100 or more on a watch and then never use it after the first week. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to purchase something so expensive that it was going to stay on my wrist and that it was going to be able to survive my lifestyle. So I went on Garmin and spent hours looking at all the watches. I read all the things they could do, all the activities they have, and of course how much they can be dunked into the water. 

I came to the conclusion that the vivoactive was the best choice for what I needed and it was the right price for someone who really didn’t want to spend any more than $200. So I waited for black Friday and once it rolled around I bought the vivoactive on Amazon for a really nice price. Ever since then I have never turned back. The watch is a decent size, the strap is comfortable, it lasts almost an entire week on full battery and that’s with me using it for running three times a week. 

I can't begin to tell you how helpful it is with helping my lifestyle. It lets me know my patterns, it helps me keep track of my running and how I am doing, and it tells me how I am sleeping. Not only that but the band lasted almost two years before I had to get a new one and that’s with my constantly wearing it. 

If you want a watch that is durable, reliable, and simplistic then I definitely recommend the vivoactive. 10/10 for me

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