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2017-09-17 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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So I recently went and got a tattoo done. Yes, yes I know, I made a post a few days earlier called "The Itch" and yes I did succumb to the need and desire of this itch. I wasn't expecting it and quite honestly I asked my tattooist to do it at the last possible minute. It was the only time off and the others were me working or packing. With this in mind I texted him and asked if he had an available spot open for me to get this tattoo done. He said that he would find a spot for me but it would have to be after his last client. I told him that I could work with anything he gave me and that I was pretty easy to work with. Quickly we made a time and a plan and from there I proceeded to move along the week. I went from work, to home and packed while playing with my new GoPro. All in all I was pretty excited but I also had to do...well you things.

So when the time rolled around for me to go to the tattoo shop I realized that I wasn't very nervous about this tattoo. I don't know why. Usually im one of those clients that always is sweating buckets, moving around a lot, and just trying to calm myself for this new addition to my skin. Normally that's how it works but this time I felt so at home and calm about the experience. While I was waiting in the front room for my tattooist to get done with his client these three kids come into the shop. They look like they are in the ninth grade my a little older and they seem in awe of the space. They look around, check out the piercings and are talking among themselves. There conversation goes from questions like

"I wonder if I can get a piercing now?" to "I wonder how much tattoos cost"

And of course i'm trying to mind my own business but I can’t help myself. I’m just thinking of all these snide comments I could give to them and yet I know that it wouldn't do any good. They obviously don't know much when it comes to tattooing or piercings and from looking at them I could tell that they are one of those people who talk about it but never do it. So I stepped aside to another portion of the room while one of the guys in the shop came out and gave them a lengthy explanation on how the shop works and so on and so on. Eventually I think the guy lost them because they seemed to go quiet and after the guy was done explaining they left.

I know that there are people who have never gotten a piercing or a tattoo and they don't have that type of knowledge but it just set something off in me that made all the endless commentary in my head go off. I couldn't stop myself from smirking and laughing a little under my breath. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

So finally my turn comes up, the paperwork done, the drawing all ready, the set up pretty much good to go. I get in the back, my tattooist and I talk for a bit and we make sure that the stencil is all set and we just jump right into it. There was no countdown, no warning, just Bam were doing it. Something about getting my hands tattooed just doesn't bother me. It’s the one tattoo that I could watch happen and not be grinding my teeth. THe pain level was at least a five if not less and quite honestly he was done in half an hour. The work looks amazing and i was grateful that did it at the last second.

So if you do decide to get a tattoo or piercing, just remember that everyone's pain tolerance is different and if you feel siked out because someone told you how bad it was, well don’t listen. It’s not going to be the same for you. Everybody has a different tolerance so don’t be afraid. Go and get it done ad enjoy every bit of it.

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So there was one particular moment that happened around the eclipse. We were staying in a hotel in South Carolina. It was a very nice place and they put up with everybody setting up cameras all over their parking lot. Very nice people who were enjoying all the business. While we were waiting for the eclipse to happen we met this nice couple. It just so happened that they were also from Florida and were there to see the eclipse happen. They didn’t have cameras or anything, just their protection glasses. We were setting up the cameras inside for a bit and they noticed all the equipment. They turned to us and asked if we were videoing or photographing the event. We explained that we came specifically for this and we were prepared. Quickly we exchanged numbers and they watched our stuff for us while we got chairs set up outside. 

We went back inside and started to grab our stuff when I got asked a question about my tattoos. She wanted to know where some of them were from and what their stories were. I happily have her explanations for them and the entire time she listened and had a smile on her face. Usually I don’t get compliments on my tattoos. They don’t get seen that often since there usually covered up when I am around large amounts of people. This time I got one of the highest compliments. She turned to me and said 

"Our tattoos are really good. Actually they are some of the best I’ve seen and our kids have some"

Really I was flattered. It’s not every day that I get compliments like that and she said it so matter of factly. Really it made my day and I couldn’t thank her enough for saying that. It really did boost me up and feel good about my body and the art I chose. Plus you’re not only complimenting me but your also complimenting the tattooist and the artist who drew them for me. Three people for one compliment. 

So thank you stranger for being so nice. I will remember this moment for sure. 


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2017-09-12 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Tattoos , 49 references

As we grow into a new age and time we see more and more people embracing tattoos and piercings. Work places are starting to change their rules when it comes to letting employees express themselves. When I was younger I wanted to get my nose pierced so badly. I begged and begged my Dad to let me get a nose piercing. What was his response?

"When you are eighteen you can do whatever you want to your body but until then no piercings on your face" 

Quite honestly I now understand that response to what I wanted. At the time Jobs were still against tattoos and piercings, especially on the face. They were most judgmental on who you were as a person and every time you tried to get a job you were put aside as a last priority if you had anything in the open. So I listened to my dad and waited till I was eighteen. I will be honest and say that I thought about going behind his back and getting someone else's parent to sign the forms so I could get it done. Yet I waited until my birthday. Once I turned eighteen I went into a tattoo shop, signed the papers (even though I was scared half to death) and got my nose pierced. Ever since then I have been going back to the same piercer and haven’t looked back. Every time I see myself with my new piercings or tattoos I see myself becoming true to who I am. Quite honestly I take my time with deciding on what I want and only go when I feel "the itch". 

 (this is one of the first large tattoo designs I got done)

Yes I call it "the itch". It’s when you see other people’s piercings/tattoos and you just suddenly start thinking about a design that you have been thinking about for a while and you just have this spontaneous burst of "I’m going to get this done" and next thing you know you’re making an appointment and Bam a new addition to your skin. 

I recently had this itch and I am going to get a new tattoo done and probably in a week or so I’m going to get a new piercing. I am ready and I feel that little bit of myself wanting to add more to my skin. I love art and I love being true to whom I am. Nothing makes me happier than being able to express who I am and showing it off to the public eye. 

 (one of my most seen tattoos)

If you are thinking about getting tattoos or piercings, don’t be afraid. If it is something that you want to get done then go get it. Don’t let the fear of others judging you get to you and don’t let them get you down. Everyone has a different experience and a different pain tolerance. Just because someone tells you that it hurt when they got that particular tattoo or piercing doesn’t mean that it will be like that for you. 

So, do you have any tattoos or piercings? What are your thoughts on them?


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2017-05-13 10:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Tattoos , 143 references

Tattoos. I have what they call a "itch". It means that I have that feeling deep inside that is like the feeling of an itch but is really an impulse to go get a new tattoo. Yes, I said tattoo. Some of you reading this probably just had an eyebrow raise at the sudden occurrence of a blog post about tattoos but you know, it is a BLOG and I do enjoy talking about all kinds of experiences. So let me share with you my thoughts on tattoos. 

For the majority of people with tattoos out there you probably know what I am talking about when I say that it gets old real quick when I get this particular response, 

Won’t you regret that in like 10 years?

My response is usually something along the lines of "obviously not or I wouldn’t have gotten it on my body" along with an eyebrow raise and a look that makes it obvious that I am irritated by this question. I mean honestly why ask that? Tattoos are body art. A way of expression. Sure they seem like they mean nothing to someone who doesn’t have any desire to get one but to those of us out there that are going time and time again to that one artist (or many artists depending on what you like) to have another experience of some pain, constant staying still, sweating, and swearing we find it to be like an extension to ourselves. It’s something that we may find is comforting. Maybe you got a tattoo to hide or extenuate the scars on your body. Maybe you got tattoos done because you are a cancer survivor. Maybe you just thought they were badass. Whatever the case, tattoos have a way to make someone feel like they are beautiful. 

For me Tattoos have always been an art form. I like to find ways to make my Tattoos tell a story, have some kind of meaning to me and yea I have several. You can’t see all of them in the open but they are there and I went through all kinds of levels of pain to get them done. Why? Because I think it makes me look more beautiful then I already am. It makes me feel like my skin is telling a beautiful story about who I am and what represents me. Maybe it’s something from my childhood, maybe it’s a quote that someone once told me. Maybe it’s a Father Daughter tattoo that connects the both of us. Maybe its lyrics that once saved you from terrible decisions. Tattoos can literally be anything you want them to be. Yes they are painful. Yes they are there forever on your skin but you know what, I love my body art and I love that I am able to give someone a chance to show off the artwork they created on my body (I have a specific artist who draws them for me and a specific tattoo artist that makes the art come to life) and tell people about them. It makes me feel good every time I look in the mirror and see that art work still beautiful on my skin and gives me a boost in my moral. It’s so nice to have them. 

The only downside for me is having those specific people tell me that they think that I should have never gotten them done, or that I am terrible because I have tattoos, or tell me that It will look terrible in ten years and I’m going to hell. Over the years I have had a series of people tell me things along that line and the more I get and show them off, the more criticism I get. Sure that is to be expected in anything we do as humans but, it is still taken to heart.

Im glad that the world is changing and we are being more open to tattoos being acceptable. I am happy that I see and hear that more and more people are getting them. It makes it so much easier to walk around in public with them fully displayed. I get compliments on my pieces and for someone to compliment me means they are complimenting the other two people who made the piece complete. A tattoo is never just from one person, its usually two or more people that make it the masterpiece it is. I will never take back the decisions I made to get these beautiful pieces of artwork that I represent with my body. 

If you have tattoos, show them off, take the criticism, accept the compliments, and share with others where you got them done. Don’t let others dictate how you should feel about what you chose to get on your body for the rest of your life. Just work it like never before. 


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