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I always think about my tattoos as a work of art. They not only represent my life but they also represent the things I have experience and been through. So for me it is not only therapeutic but also is a way for me to learn to love my body and myself. Every time I get a new tattoo on a new part of my body I can’t stop staring at it and smiling. Each new design is always better than the last and I honestly love that. One of the tattoos I got to help me out on loving my skin was a tattoo on my thigh. Front and center. For as long as I can remember I have always hated my thighs since they were so big and they stood out. Now that I have that tattoo I honestly feel good about my thighs. The art makes up for everything. 


Now in this instance my left forearm is pretty much getting replaced. 3/4ths of it is covered now and its awesome to see how far I have come with it. It’s beautiful and it makes me smile just to have it. Really it’s like I took my old forearm and replaced it with this one. 


I’m not sure if I will be fully covered by the time I am in my 30's or if I will only do certain sections but I can say that so far I love getting tattooed and I love that I am learning to love myself through all this artwork. Sometimes loving yourself isn’t just about taking care of your body, exercising, or taking care of your skin. Sometimes it’s also about what you do and how you see yourself that matters. For me I have always hated my skin and the way it looks on my body but, slowly I am learning that my skin and this artwork is precious and it is making me stand out as a person. I love every part of it and I can't wait for this whole forearm to be done so I can show others not only my childhood but also how much I love my skin/body.


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2018-04-20 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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The Hand Tattoo was a solid 8 on my 1-10 scale. But I say that after about an hour of being constantly needled. 

Yesterday I went and got the next part of my half sleeve done and as it turns out it is on my hand. The item that got tattooed on my hand is the clock from safe cracker. It’s a pretty simple design but it is also something that really stands out. The specific lettering, the way the arrows are placed, the little splash of color. All of it is in the design and if you’re not paying attention then it can get a little messy. Luckily he was paying attention and made sure to get in the finer details. 


The first thirty minutes the needle felt like a shot that I was getting administered...except that it was way more than a normal dosage of anything that is administered that way. From there it felt like a safety pin being dragged around my hand and into it but not enough to cut it open. After that it felt like sandpaper but a sharp stabbing mixed with it. Towards the end I was sure that my skin was getting cut open and I could tell that he was paying attention o m breathing. Somewhere in the middle of it all I just closed my eyes and focused on big breaths. That was all I could really do and I wanted it done. After a little over an hour I felt him look it over and while he was doing that I opened my eyes. 


Looking over I saw that it was amazing but I was still diluted from the pain so it took me a while to register how it really looks. Sitting her as I write this I am amazed at how well done it is. I am so happy with how it turned out and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Now onto the next one. 


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In three days I’m getting the next addition to my half sleeve. It’s going to be the clock from Safe Cracker and I am excited to see how he is going to shade and make it come to life. This next part is going to be pretty crucial in terms of how I sit and how I handle the pain. This part of the piece is going to be on my hand which I know sounds pretty bad but I honestly think the hand is a pretty awesome spot. My right hand has a feather/quill pen on it and I thought the process was like any other tattoo. For this piece I am sure it will be about the same. 

Once this clock is completed there is only two real things that come after that. One is the final part of the half sleeve which is the portion for the Revenge from Mars which will be the space ship and little alien guys. After that is doing the bordering around all the pieces and making it pop out. For me this piece has been quite the journey so far and I am really looking forward to seeing it all done. Right now I have No Fear on my skin as well as Star Wars Episode 1 and both have turned out amazing. The colors are bright, the detail is amazing and the way it flows has made this piece stand out quite a bit. 


I am so stoked for the finishing product and I know I want to do a photoshoot with my new addition. I think it’ll be a chance for me to show off all my ink and to really be in a good place when it comes to myself love journey. I know that once it is all complete you guys will be waiting for videos and photos of the piece itself and I will be more than happy to bring that to you. But for now, you must wait and use your imagination. 



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2018-04-12 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Tattoos , 24 references

I can tell ya'll right now that this is going to be a challenge. See the tattoo is about to start peeling. How can I tell? WEll ladies and gentlemen, I can tell because IT IS ITCHING SO BAD. I can feel it with every movement. I feel my skin screaming to be scratched and relieved. Sweet jesus it sucks so bad. For a little while I was fine and I thought maybe it would be like Skull when he peeled but this is so much more difficult because its on the front of my arm. It more open and I know hiding the itch is going to be a challenge. 

I can tell you that I hope I can control myself in my sleep because I know at least once I scratched No Fear when I was half awake. Instantly I knew I did it and it hurt so bad. It feels like sandpaper going up your skin. Its literally digging and it hurts. Once it settles it feels like its burning a little. Then you put lotion on and its ok for a while. 

Luckily it will last only a week and then it will stop. Maybe even sooner. Secretly I hope it does stop itching sooner because I really hate this part of a new tattoo. The only way I have found that stops the itch is to squeeze the area really hard or rub around the area. Those two things work out pretty well and it prevents me from hurting or damaging the tattoo. It also is nice because I prevent possible infection. Now that would be a **** storm. 

I can't wait for this piece to heal and be all done. I now its going to be a masterpiece that will live for my entire lifetime. 

Heres to more ink. 

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2018-04-10 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Tattoos , 17 references

The newest tattoo gave me a scare the other day. Like a really big scare but, first let me explain the situation. 

So as planned I went into my next tattoo appointment to get the next addition to my half sleeve done. From the start of the session it became obvious that we were doing this in about four different sessions. So far I have had two done so that means there is about two more to go. For me that is totally ok since it 1: helps my wallet out and 2: lessens the amount of pain I will be in at one given time. So throughout the session my artist and I are chatting about what has been going on throughout the day, the movie that’s playing, the other artists and their quirks, and of course business. For the entire session we had an on and off chat and I got to watch him as he worked. All my other tattoos have been in places where I can't exactly watch an artist do the actual tattooing so It has been a nice change of pace to watch someone who loves their job do their actual job. I think it also helped my artist and I build a better connection. 

The session went really well and as usual I left with my arm bandaged, went to the bar, had some food and a drink with my father and then after an hour I proceeded to go home. Throughout the night I went on my usual routine. I washed the tattoo, put some lotion on it, stared at it and looked at it in close proximity. I wanted to engrave it in my mind and really see it all. 

SO of course at the end of the night I go to bed and I wake up the next day, get ready, have some coffee and go to my part time job to open the store. AS it turns out I had to pull a double and I was not really looking forward to it but I put up with it since it was good hours and I liked everyone that was working that day. I knew that it was going to be smooth sailing. 


Noon rolls around and my friend T gets to the store. I told her that my tattoo was reacting weirdly to my lotion and my Dad wasn’t going to be able to get new lotion till that evening. So I asked if she would bring me her stuff to use temporarily. She was happy to bring me stuff and without thought I used it. After putting it on and letting it settle for a bit I made sure to wipe off the excess lotion AROUND the tattoo. After that I went back to work. 

Not even thirty minutes after I put the stuff on my tattoo started leaking ink. Literally. I noticed it right away. The minute I touched it or wiped it ink streaks would start happening and silently I started freaking out. Was it rejecting it? Was it the lotion? What was happening? In all my years of getting tattooed I have never had one react like that. AS a safety measure we decided to wrap it up loosely with paper towels and tape. For the remainder of the night I kept an eye on it and in the end I got sent home early (not because of the tattoo but because we were super slow). 

After getting home I immediately changed, and washed the tattoo with the new stuff my dad brought home. After washing it, putting lotion on it and letting it sit for a few hours the tattoo stopped reacting and doing...whatever it was doing. 

I will say that it was a huge scare and I thought I royally messed up but now I know what to use and what not to use and I will NOT be making those mistakes again. 



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