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So one of the things that I do on the side is I manage my Youtube Channel. I post videos of my travels on there and let you guys know what is going out there in the world. I also post music videos of the scenery around the area, what I saw and the people i met along the way. New Zealand was no exception to this. I have done five videos so far for this amazing journey and number six is on the way as we speak, As you guys wait though check out the video down below. 


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So the New Zealand Videos are still underway. There's quite a bit of footage and it is taking some time to go through it all. I apologize for having so much space between videos. I promise I am doing my best to get them up and moving. Unfortunately I don't have a whole team of editors to help me go through this process faster. If I did this would be done already and you could enjoy all the wonderous things I did. But for now I am going to continue to post my videos on here so you guys can watch them. I am really happy that I have so much footage so that not only can I look back at it but you guys can to. 

SO here are the videos. 

 I know that it is a lot of content and I know that some of you have already seen these videos but I always appreciate you guys taking another look. Please share, like, and subscribe to my channel so that you can continue to get some awesome videos. I am going to continue to do what I can to expand my channel and to get myself out there. I might become a huge Youtube sensation but that doesn't mean that I wont continue to post videos. You guys are so awesome and I appreciate all the support. 

Stay tuned you guys. 

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So I finally posted the video of Hobbiton. This place is truly magical and I am so glad that I was able to get footage of this wonderful place and experience it in its true beauty. If you ever get to go to New Zealand and you are on the North Island check it out because it really is worth it. Especially if you are a L.O.T.Rs fan. 

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You guys are awesome and as always, thank you. 

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So I am now working on the skydiving video that tells you guys how I felt, what its like, the price and etc. Along side that I am working on the Hobbiton one as well. Let me just say that there is so much I wanna talk about. So for now I am going to leave you with the last few videos that I have done. The first is going to be Paragliding, the second Milford Sound, and the third is the Skydiving Wanaka. All of them are so different from each other adn it shows just how much you can do there. You can go from  zero to one hundred or you can just chill out and enjoy your time. Personally I love all views and encourage you to watch them and give me some likes, shares, and comments. 

Thank you guys so much for giving me all this support. None of this would be possible without you guys. I want to continue to grow and make my dreams a reality so I ask you guys to please tell me what you are looking for in this Youtube channel. I am making a lot of changes to it, it just takes time to do them. So while those are underway I would love some feedback. Thank you and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all. 

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2018-11-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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While I was in Queenstown I decided to do something that was not only new to me but also the opposite from Skydiving. Paragliding. Basically you start at the top of a mountain and you have a professional that takes you to the launch site. You then walk to where you will take off. From there they unpack their bag, the parachute, and start to run you through what they do. While you wait for the wind to go in the right direction you get a chance to talk to your guide. My guy was originally from the North Island but came to the south island with his wife. Hes been flying since the early 90's and loved it so much that he made it a job and kept at it. Really it was awesome to get to talk to him and learn about who I was flying with. New experiences, new people, and lots of fun times to remember. 

When the wind is in the right direction your guide then pulls on his parachute to get it in the air. Once its up he then tells you to start running forward. You run and run and run until you are off the mountain and you are gliding. While you are gliding the guide shifts you around and gets you situated in your seat and makes sure to steer you in the right direction. That way you 1) dont crash and 2)are comfortable while you get to see everything around you. 

While you fly they take video and photos for you to purchase once its over. So I decided to share the video with you. 

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