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Yesterday a few things happened that I am pretty excited about. The first thing that happened is that I got approved to do a three piece set for a church over in Destin. Its going to be pretty large and I am pretty excited about it but I would lieing if I said I wasn't nervous to. Its my first time doing a big piece like this for such a big place and I honestly don't know how it is going to go. Of course I am going to be doing a couple of trial pieces to see how I would like to go about making these pieces but that doesn't mean i'm not nervous. 

The second thing that happened is that I finally finished my three part series about New Zealand. I got to tell you all about my experiences, gas prices, tour prices, and ect. For me that was something that I felt like I not only needed to do but something I should have done as soon as I got home from my trip. SO it felt amazing to be able to finally say that I did these videos and that they were out of the way. 

If you haven't seen the third video then go ahead and check it out. I ask that you guys subscribe, like and comment on my channel to not only help me to do bigger and better things but to also give you more videos about my experiences, my love for travel, and my recommendations. 

Please check out all of my videos, artwork and follow along on my journey. Thank you so much. 

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It is a few days late but it is out! Go check it out, subscribe, comment and like! Thanks guys!

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2019-05-16 13:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Tomorrow I will be releasing the final video of my three part series about New Zealand. I am pretty excited to release the last video and to finally complete this chapter that I promised you guys. I am super pumped about it and all that is to come. With this new video I will be working on a new look for the channel. New cover photo, possibly a new URL, and of course I am working on some ideas to make a logo (but that is still up in the air). 

I am really excited to continue this journey with you guys when it comes to my blog and YouTube channel and I have so much to offer you all. In September and early October I am going to Iceland and I cannot wait to see this beautiful country that I see all over Instagram and YouTube. I want to see it with my own eyes and I want to share that experience with you all. I hope to inspire you to make the same journey I will make. 

 So please check out my YouTube channel. I have so much more to come and every other Friday I release a new video for you guys. I am super excited about this and I cannot wait to see what comes from all my travels and support that I have received. 

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Last night was a disaster and it was one of those nights that I wish hadn't happened. It has its moments of fun but somehow it always becomes a landslide at the end. So for now I ask you guys to please check out my YouTube channel. 

I have plenty of videos to watch and enjoy but for now I ask that you guys watch my latest one about the VFW Pinball up in Ann Arbor. Please like, comment and subscribe for more content and videos every other Friday! 

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It is the video you guys have been waiting for! Its the video from the pinball convention! This is a musicish video of all the games we played and what the inside of this amazing safe haven is like. I loved every second of it and I recorded the entire weekend so I promise you that I put all my efforts into making this video as amazing as possible. The only thing I must warn you about is that the music in some places is a little jarring and threw me off a little bit but I couldn't find a way to really fade the music in the program that I use currently so please forgive me. 

Please make sure to subscribe, like and share my videos so that we can reach a bigger audience and so I can grow my channel. It would be much appreciated . Thank you all so much! 

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